Experience Description

Abstract from the book ‘Sorry that Death refused me!’

By Dr. M. Ghalabi

I feel It is a duty to tell the people my story. It is real, and I feel it contains lots of lessons and deep meanings. I don’t aim to let this article be teaching a message, because I don’t know much religious information outside of what I’ve studied to improve my own knowledge. I always feel keen toward spiritual articles, especially those that concern the miracles of the Qur'an and the Bible, or other book, which concern the universe and physical phenomena.

The events of the experience are not special or rare. There are many experiences going on in the same way. As I see it, it happened to be and I have to tell people who are interested. I feel there is a connection between the events of my experience and the entity of the universe. Especially considering my specialization of space mechanical engineering, and my knowledge of parapsychology.

I expect my writing in this article will have a scientific touch!

Time and Place of Experience:

This experience happened in the mid of eighties of the last century, in a hospital in Europe, during a surgical operation in my face (a nose deviation).

Steps of events:

One: The operation began, and the anesthesia failed.

Two: My body was totally paralyzed from the anesthesia. At the same time, I was feeling very severe and continuous pain. I became semi-conscious.

Three: Every sensation became pain.

Four: The pain continued, which caused my heart to stop pumping blood. I had no pulse and wasn’t breathing for about three minutes. I was clinically dead.

Five: I began to see everything that had happened in my life since I was baby in my mother’s womb. It all happened so fast! Every minute and minor detailed replayed through my mind from start to finish. Somehow, I was able to follow all of these rapid and intense events at once.

Six: I was pulled from my body and floated up through the roof of the hospital. I kept going up at incredible speed. As I reached space, the speed began to slow.

Seven: I came to know that there is a supreme reality, and that this reality was a universal entity, which spanned the seen and unseen universes.

Eight: I entered a dark cylinder in space that seemed like a tunnel.

Nine: White ghosts appeared around me, including the ghost of my mother, who died when I was five. They were reaching out their hands toward the center of the tunnel. Some tried to touch me. I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

Ten: Coming out of the tunnel, I was about to leave our universe.

Eleven: An unknown voice demanded that I was to travel faster. Faster, even, than the speed of light.

Twelve: While I was going faster and faster, I noticed the things around me. I was trying to see them through the eyes of a scientist.

Thirteen: I was heading toward a speed that has no actual limit.

Fourteen: I was told that God had decided that I had to go back to my ‘container.’ Despite the pain.

Fifteen: I landed on an alabaster planet and was surrounded by huge beings. I saw the most beautiful creation of almighty God. It was love. Love meant for all people without exception.

Sixteen: I was ordered to go back. I was told it was not yet my time that I had to go back to where I came from. I returned to life, sad, and in pain

Background Information:

Gender: Male