Experience Description

I was sound asleep and awoke to hear Jeffrey Long on Coast to Coast this evening. Although I do not like sharing my past with many because I realize that certain experiences are very unsettling for those who have not had similar ones, I also felt rather compelled to write to you.

Over thirty five years ago, about two months after my oldest son was born, my kidneys shut down from the presence of multiple kidneys stones blocking the openings to both kidneys. After weeks in the hospital, my fever was over one hundred six degrees from the poisoning of my blood. I can vaguely remember receiving last rights as I was wheeled off to the operating room for one of the first blood baths in this country. A blood bath is where they take your blood, heat it and return it to your body.

I can remember floating above the operation theater listening to the doctors discuss the fact that I was dead anyway, and they should try this new technique for the advancement of medicine. At the same time, I could feel a pulling sensation and the room filled with a wondrous warm light. As my body drifted toward the light, I continued to see the medical team working on my body. The closer I got to the light, the more it felt warm and peaceful. I could hear muffled voices and music.

The operation continued in vain and I could see the pads being put on my chest and hear the sound on the monitor that indicated I had lost my vitals. I just kept drifting closer to the light until I heard a voice I did not recognize say that I needed to return to my body, and that it was not time yet. I was being pushed back, but I did not want to go either.

I literally fell back into my body, and awoke days later to see my doctor's smile. He told me, ‘Welcome back. We have been waiting for you to wake up!’ I tried to tell him about the light and being told it was not my time to leave yet, and he told me that many people who almost die have this experience. He said that I was going to be just fine and should try to rest while he notified my husband that I was awake. I rolled over, had a horrific pain in my side, and screamed. My monitor was buzzing again indicating that my vitals were failing. The nurse and doctor came running in and he ordered me back to surgery. As we were racing down the hall, I told him that he had not sealed one of the valves properly during the operation.

Days later, I awoke again to find my doctor staring at me. He looked like he had not slept in days. This time all he wanted to know was, ‘How did you know what went wrong during your operation?’ I told him once again that I had watched the operation. He just stared, gave me a hug, and went to get my husband.

Years ago I would share this story until I realized that most people thought I was nuts and had a very active imagination. I have lived a very long life and now at fifty five. I have always had a great sensitivity to people since I was a child, but over time this has developed into a knowing when things affect family, friends, and, to a point, strangers. I guess hearing Doctor Long, I feel safe telling you that this really does happen.

Thank you for listening.