Experience Description

Dr. Long, your participation on the Coast to Coast program last night not only had a some surprises for me but filled in many blanks.

After the birth of my last daughter in 1959, I had a severe asthma attack. My ten-year-old daughter called a neighbor for help and I was taken to my doctor's office. The last thing I heard was my doctor calling in other doctors and telling someone to call my husband as they were losing me.

I vividly remember coming into this brightly lit room (a peachy, yellow) and talking with two male voices. I saw no one, but their voices were so clear and it felt like we were speaking through our minds and not our lips.

I can remember every word as clear as if it just happened although it was over forty years ago. They acted very surprised that I was there and one kept saying, 'But it isn't her time.' I remember feeling a bit embarrassed, as they didn't seem to know what to do with me. I really didn't know where I was but didn't think to ask. Finally, they decided that I should be the one to decide what to do. I was told I could stay or go back. I asked how could I go back and they said to keep 'hanging on.' But if I wanted to stay I need only to relax and I would be with them. I must mention that all the while I seemed like I was hanging onto a cliff with my fingertips. I thought about it for a while and then said I had just had a baby and had two other young children and I felt I should go back and raise them. They kindly told me it was a good decision and advised me to keep hanging on.

The next thing I knew I heard the doctors congratulating themselves and my husband standing beside me crying. I wondered why the doctors thought they had anything to do with me coming back. I tried to find out how long I was 'gone' but the doctors and even my husband didn't want to talk about it. My husband's office was fifteen minutes away. The next day I went back in for a check-up and the nurse greeted me, crying, and said they had been so sure I was gone.

For fifteen years, I had no sign of colds or asthma. The first time I did get sick I watching a Phil Donahue show and he had a doctor on talking about NDEs. I was so shocked.

From childhood, I was always very intuitive and used to have out of body experiences when very young. But it got a great deal more after the NDE until it become a burden for me to bear and I tried to wean myself away from it all. I have no fear of death. I have counseled many friends and family members, all of whom had great fear of dying.

I have spent the past forty-plus years working for many groups that give aid to those in need. I started writing (and publishing) although not really anything to write home about! I became very outspoken on Health Care etc. and have testified before Senate Hearings. Before that, I was so shy I could hardly stand and give my name at a small meeting, among mostly friends. I gave up on formalized religion and feel I am more devoted to prayer than ever before.