Experience Description

The experience below happened to me, but I never shared what I actually experienced when I died until now. I was suddenly standing on what seemed like an emergency lane on a gigantic, crazy highway of cars. I was waving at all the cars going by. Then, I started recalling memories of people who I might have encountered a few times in my life. Although insignificant to me, the memories were presented as life-changing for them, but not in a good way. I remember thinking, 'Why am I experiencing these memories and not the happy ones?' I then felt bad for leaving my kids without a mom and embarrassed that they would tell their friends I died in Costco.

I was in my car in the parking lot at Costco. I was getting ready to back the car out while eating a turkey swiss cheese sandwich roll. I was in a hurry and very hungry, so I took too large of a bite. The sandwich roll opened and slid down my throat. I couldn't breathe. When I realized there was nothing I could do to breathe or even make a sound, I started freaking out. I got out the car, left it running, and starting running back into the store; knowing I was running for my life. I remembered how I was when I was little. I used to try to see how far I could swim under water without taking a breath. That is how I ran. Even though I saw people walking to their cars, I knew I did not have much time left and that if these people didn't know what to do, I would die. I ran up to the guy who checks the Costco cards when people enter. I am sure that he thought I was a raving lunatic. I pointed at my neck and then backed into him and put his arms around me to show him I needed him to do the Heimlich. He tried but didn't know how. I remember another person trying. I was thinking, 'Holy ----, I AM GOING TO DIE, RIGHT HERE ON THE FLOOR OF COSTCO!!!'

Weird memories and thoughts flashed through my mind. Slowly, I felt myself slipping away. I had tunnel vision and other bodily functions were shutting down. I was accepting what was happening to me.

The next thing I remember is seeing a big, white blob of my sandwich on the floor. The manager informed me that five people had tried the Heimlich before an angel, a man shopping from Merritt Island, knew exactly what to do. He SAVED MY LIFE. While staring at the floor, on my hands and knees, I was in shock. I could not even talk for several minutes and barely could say, 'Thank you' to all the people who tried to save my life. I wish I could have hug them all. Another angel arrived, this time it was a beautiful emergency room doctor who checked me out so that I did not have to go the hospital. There were others too. One person was a lady who turned off my car and brought me my phone a purse. Someone brought me a drink, while another stranger was rubbing my back. I was told that I had only about 20 seconds left before I would have had brain damage and/or died.

So everyone.... enjoy every second of your life. And make sure you learn how to do the Heimlich on others as well as yourselves.