Experience Description

My experience is slightly different from the typical near death experience. I was pregnant with twins. When I had a sonogram, we found out that one baby had died, and the other was not right. That evening I went into labor. I was twenty two weeks along. After the delivery, the doctor told me that since I had lost a lot of blood, if I felt woozy, I should let him know. I did feel a bit woozy, so they took me away. I don't to this day know what they did to me, but I experienced racing through a tunnel that seemed to twist and turn. My hands were extended above my head. I was holding something cupped in my hands. We were racing to the end of the tunnel toward a light, which started out looking small but grew larger as we progressed. This light was always visible, even though we were twisting and turning. The light got very bright and large as if the tunnel was ending. And that is all I remember. I believe I took my baby to heaven. That is why I changed ‘I’ to ‘we’ above. One of my twins died sometime before the sonogram, and the other twin died shortly after delivery. Yes, I do have the sense that I had him cupped in my hands. I couldn't see what was in my hands, though, I just had this feeling that as I was racing through this tunnel, my whole focus and all my attention was on protecting what I was carrying cupped in my hands. In order to maintain my gentle grasp, I had to continually pay attention to balancing as we traveled. It was afterwards that I reasoned it must have been my baby, though I never was allowed to see what it was I was holding. This happened sixteen years ago. I would like to know if anyone else has ever had a similar experience. I don't know of anyone who has. However, I have to say I certainly don't tell random people that I took my baby to heaven. Very few people know I had this experience.