Experience Description

On the night I came into the hospital I had both my lungs filling up with blood. I had eighty percent filled on my left lung, and sixty percent on my right lung. I was in excruciating pain. I couldn't lay down, for the fear that I was going to drown in my own blood. I was coughing up blood and I heard the doctors tell my family (as quietly as possible) that I wasn't going to make it. I also heard the doctors tell them that it's probably best if they started making arrangements. I flipped out and was able to almost lift the hospital bed that I was sitting in. I received multiple shots of morphine to calm me down, but it did not take the pain away. I remember being in a lot of pain and my arms resting out in front of me on the tray holder. It was the only comfortable way I could rest. At about 2:30 in the morning is when it happened.

I felt all the pain in my lungs recede and felt comfortable, and then I felt warm. I remember going through a tunnel. The best way I can describe the tunnel is if you were to place two horseshoes together at the 'U' part and bolts of light were shooting out from the ends. As I was floating, I saw orbs of light and as I passed, I saw people's faces, which I did not recognize. As I got to the end of the tunnel, the only face that I recognized was my Granny Wilson's. My Granny Wilson had died in the mid-1940's and I had seen her picture on numerous occasions. As soon as I saw her, I knew who she was. As I passed by her, going towards the bolts of lights, the bolts of light stopped. Then I found myself buried up to my neck, and all I saw was a whole bunch of people around me also buried up to their necks. Again, I did not recognize anyone. At this point, I felt frightened. I was able to look to the left and look at the light and feel warmth, and then I would look to the right. I saw a black hole and felt cold. As this was happening, I heard a buzzing sound. Then I heard my Grandpa's voice this is what he said, 'Breathe Dan, just take a breath.' At that point, I felt comfortable. I didn't feel like I was being shoved back into my body. I just felt numb. Then I woke up. Every part of my body was swollen.

Ever since then I feel like I've been 'tuned-in.' When I try and explain this to people they just think I'm crazy, like I'm trying to make up a story. Since I've had that episode, I've had six more pulmonary embolisms and eight DVTs (deep-vein thrombosis). Every time that I'm in the hospital is when I feel 'tuned-in' the most.