Experience Description

I don’t know if this story is a NDE or not.

It might not be a NDE but I am telling you this story because it was a very strange experience to me.

This happened in 1971, when I studied in the first year of BoSung high school in Hyewha-dong in Seoul. All students at my school were practicing Judo. Students from two classes usually practiced Judo together in a big hall during the physical training time. All the floor of the big hall was matted. We practiced Judo and also had games one another.

There are several techniques in Judo like throwing and locking(Katame-waza)

Throwing is a technique throwing the opponent and locking is a hold technique which renders the opponent immobile on the floor and Kansetsu-waza, nelson etc. One of my friends choked my neck during a game. I didn’t want to surrender so I endured for a while and then I fainted. At the moment, I felt very good. After a few minutes I couldn't open my eyes because the light was too shining. I even felt sore in my eyes of that shining and I felt everything was in the color of white.

After a while, my eyes were adapted to the light again and I could see. I was in the ground a few far from the hall. There was no body and no sound. I felt still. I have never seen the playground like that. It was so bright and filled with the light all around. Not on the ground but above the air, I was looking down the playground. I thought "why I am here, What do I do if my teacher blame me of not being in the class, should I go home?" I was perplexed and I didn’t know what to do.

In the next moment, I suddenly felt so bad and terrible. I found my friends were snapping my cheeks and waking me when I was recovering from the faint. I was very shy so I got up quickly and went back to the corner of the playground and took a rest.

This is my experience. Although it was so simple but I still remember that because it was so vivid and I couldn't forget.