Experience Description

On March the 8, 2008, my daughter had come to my house and found me very sick. She then called her father.

He came over and called 911, for I was very sick. When I reached the hospital, I was immediately put in the intensive care unit.

Still today, I do not know when and why I was so sick that day. While in intensive care unit for seven days, I had had a near death experience.

This is how it was:

I was looking into a huge kaleidoscope.

There were colors of soft blue, pink, and yellows. They were all spinning around and then there was a big pop.

Then it went black. All of a sudden, a bright soft light appeared in the distance. I could see a figure in the light but it was too far away to make it out at first. Standing right in front of me was my mother, father, and brother.

My parents looked thirty years old and my brother about sixteen. The figure in the back ground started to come closer.

As it did, I then realized it was God. He told me I am not ready to come home.

After that, I woke up with my live family all around me.

Wow! This is something I will never forget, and I know I will always cherish what I have today.

There is definitely a higher power.

This story is true and I am glad you are able to read it.