Experience Description

I’ve was in surgery in 1993 for a tympanoplasty. I was under general anesthesia. After surgery, I vaguely woke up, and heard I was in the wake up room. Then I fell ‘asleep’ again. And then, at some point, I felt as if I went through a ‘doorway.’ A sudden light bathed each and every one of my cells. I didn’t leave my body, but its nature changed, from a body made of cells, to a light body. Each cell was a sun, warm and radiating all over my being. I was a psychic light, a light of love. I felt good in my body, and my soul was bathed in warmth and love. A beautiful being invited me to come with him. People came to me, greeted me, welcomed me and expressed their joy in seeing me. Everything took place around a magnificent and radiating oak tree. It was not time for me and the being just took me away. I had to see and feel all of it to pluck up courage and resume the path of my life. It was as a gift granted to me to embolden myself. Then, I was back to my material body. The nurse shook me and yelled for me to breathe. I still hesitated a moment, then I resumed breathing. I cried a lot. I wanted to clear my body of all the tears I did not shed until then. I wanted to set the counters to zero. The nurse stroked my face to comfort me. I would have loved to stay there, but it wasn’t my time. I am happy to share this experience with many people through the internet.

Kind regards,