Experience Description

When I was 9 years old, I would always get a book when I would go to get my medicine refilled. Mom would always buy me a book too.

One day that my friend and I were together. He had the idea for me to take all my medicine at one time - over 40 some pills. I did. He left while I was watching a movie. I felt my stomach begin to badly cramp up and my body felt warm. I felt like I was going to sleep. In reality, I was dying and my body was shutting down.

All of a sudden, I was in this large, open space. It was endless space. I was standing there it seemed as if I knew everything. All my senses where extremely heightened. Next, I saw a man walking towards me. He was a young man who was balding. I knew he was my grandpa who had passed away two years before this experience. He was younger, and not sick looking, and had perfect skin. He put his hand on my shoulder saying, 'Grandson, it's not time to come home yet.' He smiled, hugged me, and walked away. As he walked out of sight, I noticed the cloud-like substance that was covering the entire area. It was tangible.

I was touching the tangible presence of God. All of a sudden, there was a bright light that it is hard to explain. It was walking toward me. I fell to my face. I could not stand, as the light was all powerful. As he walked toward me, I heard his foot steps sounding like thunder. As he got closer, the thunder grew louder and finally stopped. I knew he was right where I was and I heard his voice say, 'Open your eyes.' The moment I opened my eyes, I saw feet and holes in these feet. As he reached out his hand, I saw nail prints not in his palm or forearms but in his wrists. I grabbed his hand and I was able to stand up. I felt this unexplainably intense love, with joy, peace and just overwhelming. It seemed as if time didn't matter. As he pulled me up, I saw that he wore and all-white robe, but whiter than one would see on this earth. As I was stood up, I looked at his face. His hair was white like wool ) his hair was white like wool. His blue eyes pierced through his face with flames of his love. His face was so bright, I couldn't see other facial features but I knew it was Jesus. He spoke to me and said, 'My son, my son, it's not time for you to come home yet. I have much work for you to do on earth.' He said it again as he put his hand on my shoulder. I felt like I was being sucked back into my body.

I open my eyes and saw doctors and nurses all around me. I heard them scream, 'He's alive, he's got a heart rate!' I had a tube down my throat and IVs in both arms. There were tubes everywhere. I went to sleep and woke up 2 days later. I was sitting in my hospital bed and my mom walked in. I looked at her and said, 'Mommy I seen Grandpa and Jesus while I was dead.' She said, 'Who told you that you had died?' I said, 'I was with Grandpa and Jesus.' She fell to the ground crying because I was a child and couldn't know this - She had been praying for proof that her dad was in heaven. She got it!

Since my experience, I know now that it was the same cloud that Moses walked into on Mount Sinai as he entered the presence of God. I later found a description in scripture that talked about his appearance being the same as I had seen in my experience. I also discovered that science has proven that the crucifixion of Jesus happened with the nail through the wrists instead of in the hands.