Experience Description

The NDE below was experienced by a dear friend's grandfather during a heart attack, who was 'unconscious' for twenty-three minutes and awoke as if nothing had happened. From what I've been reading about NDE, his wasn't much different. But I have included what was the most amazing physical result of his experience, which was, and still is, witnessed by many of his relatives and guest friends.

Here it goes: This man was seventy-eight years old and lived in Brazil. It happened four years ago during a heart attack. He noticed that his spirit left the body. He met a deceased priest named Father Pio, of whom he had heard about and who happened to be from the same Italian town where he was born. He met a painter who would paint this pictures; flew over his native Italian town and saw how magnificent it was (he was in Sao Paulo, Brazil). Then flew over his small farm in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, and saw how magnificent it was. Now this: he really loved this little farm and there he had planted an almond tree many years earlier which never bore fruit. It was sterile. During his NDE he flew over this tree and admired its beauty as such.

This man was able to tell this experience to his daughter and granddaughters four months after the heart attack. Every time he tried to tell them he was overtaken by a strong emotion so they would dissuade him to continue. After four months, he was able to tell the whole story. After finishing it, he told his relatives to go to the farm to gather almonds. They, of course, doubted it, because they were frequent guests of the farm since he had bought it and knew that the almond tree was sterile. But eventually they had to go to check on the farm, and there they witnessed the almond tree full of almonds and it has been producing almonds every season since.

Second Part of the Story

I'd like to tell you something else about this Brazilian NDE, the one where the old man flew over his farm and 'healed' his almond tree.

It was his favorite granddaughter, a good friend of mine, who shared it with me. The old man died six months after this NDE, and she told me that the day he died seemed to be the happiest day of his life. He was very energetic and cheerful during the day and took care of some pending affairs; he made his transition that evening.

About a year or so after he passed on, my friend (his granddaughter) had an argument with her husband in their apartment. He was becoming violent and so she left the apartment to avoid any serious consequences.

She came back about an hour later and found her husband sitting on the sofa with a scared look in his face. He was calm but shaky and told her that right after she left he heard a loud thump on the kitchen floor. He went there to check and saw their thick glass fruit plate split apart, cut in halves as if cut with a diamond razor blade and all the fruits spread on the floor. The plate was in the very same place they always kept it, except that it was split apart.

She told me about it. I ventured my opinion that it was her grandfather who was looking after her, since she was her favorite.

Anyway, I just wanted to share it with you because I think it's a wonderful story and it is a good feeling to know that our loved ones are able to look after us even from the spiritual dimensions.

Thank you and have a great day.

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