Experience Description

The light was strong and somewhat unearthly at the end of a long tunnel. The light was as much love as anything in that it was pervasive.

My relatives (all deceased) were there, all at their prime in life. They were dressed (I would say 1940's style which would have been prime years for most). Relatives I knew of, such as my grandfathers, but never knew in life were there as well as uncles and aunts who passed before I knew them.

The unconditional love was overwhelming and permeated all of us genuinely and richly.

There was no element of time and no verbally spoken word. Both time and verbal communication are of this world not needed in the NDE world. Everything was open thought communication. Time is the invention of man in this world, not a part of our core spirit. All of this was very clear to me in the NDE. Any question or uncertainty was confirmed, known, through non-verbal understanding.

My deceased father was my main non-verbal communication point, but the love and support of all my deceased relatives flowed through him to me.

I could choose to stay in their world or choose to return. I knew this in the spirit of our non-verbal understanding. There is no judgment in the NDE. We are all part of a larger way of thinking. Even those who were destructive in this world are loved and accepted in the NDE world.

I chose to return here knowing there was unfinished business in this life, which we all knew to be important, and my choice to return was fully supported with unconditional love from my relatives.

The experience was deeply moving, a joyous window to the world we have before us, but cannot achieve in this life.