Experience Description

I was crushed under the steering wheel. The other car hit my left hip which broke the acetabulum, ischium, ilium, pubic bones and six ribs. I went into a ten-day coma and blood filled my lungs. It was hard to get me out of the car, during the initial days they were concerned that I wouldn't make it through." "Approaching Sherman College in South Carolina early that morning, I noticed a large oncoming car slowly swerving towards the middle of the road occasionally crossing the centerline. It appeared to be somewhat under control so I continued driving forward. As we got closer, all of a sudden I realized something was definitely wrong when it traveled directly into my lane. The other car was not under control at all and in that split second, it was too late. Slamming onto my breaks, my car skidded fifty feet trying to avoid the oncoming car, whose driver had fallen asleep.

There was a deafening crash and the next thing I remember is that I found myself rising above the accident. Seeing the ground below, my college in the neighborhood, and the crashed cars, I realized that I was out of my body floating above the accident. I said, 'Oh my God, I can't die yet I still have to finish my finals!' Descending back into the crumpled car, terror struck me. I saw my lifeless body crushed under the steering wheel.

The air above me seemed to draw my attention away from the tragedy, shifting into an awareness of peace and love, which securely embraced every aspect of who I am. There was a stillness about the atmosphere holding a peacefulness that was similar to skiing on a mountain slope alone that is insulated from any sound except the snow dividing beneath your skis. This not only reflected peace, but the fundamental nature of the peace as being secure in a profound Love which embraces every molecule of air that is normally not visible.

Within the mist of Love, was a guiding presence, whose gentle, secure embrace reinforced experiencing this profound event. He lovingly acknowledged my concerns, then said softly with confidence and assurance, 'Anlee, there is another school you need to attend first. Don't worry,' he pointed to the college I was attending, 'you will come back and continue with your education here.' As we started to ascend I said, 'I go by Annie now, nobody could pronounce Anlee right!' His smile, warmth and compassion put me at ease. 'We know of the problem, but we know you by your given name, 'Anlee'.'

As the extra ordinary event unfolded, my escort and I ascended into the sky. Unconditional Love became more concentrated; the awareness filled my inner consciousness with joy, comfort and ecstasy. A blinding magnetic brilliant Light focused on my forehead, drawing me closer and closer to the light that was beginning to encompass my whole being. Unconditional Love intensely flowed everywhere without effort, honoring and glorifying every cell with a total awareness of physically, emotionally and mentally being within Love at last.

Every cell is gently caressed in the all-abundant Love, honoring and glorifying every bit of Who I Am. Love that flowed without any conditions or effort, omnipresent and very Real! The Love abundantly flowed without any restrictions, conditions or commitments. In amazement, I asked my escort, 'Oh! Is this what Heaven is really like?' With a smile, Light beamed from within Himself, and he answered with a comforting, 'Yes!'

As we ascended, the clutches of the dramas that ego entertained disappeared. Ego's continual habit of self-sabotage was nonexistent, at last. The veil, which separated me from experiencing the Reality of Unconditional Love, was effortlessly dissolved. Creating a Love based Matrix from within my being; I viewed the Reality of the Unconditional Love from the perspective of Spirit, rather than ego. Even in my conscious-limited view of Spirituality, there wasn't any hint of expectations of any kind for results towards anyone going through the Unconditional Love based dimension. Free of any fear thoughts or remorse over past experiences, we moved with the lightness of thoughts, without strings attached.

'You know of me when you studied in the 'I Am Concepts' from the Institute of Insight (in the early 1970's, Olympia, WA.). I was the one who communicated to you when you lived in Olympia, reminding you that you lived two thousand years ago. We have worked together before (in different lifetimes) and are together again. My mission in this moment with you embodies God's consciousness of protection for your safe journey; your spiritual purpose will continue to guide you safely into Loving hands.' My escort's loving wisdom filled me with an inner awareness of the Truth He spoke of. Looking into His inner Self, I questioned who he was, His reply was, Archangel Mich'l.

As the divine experience unfolded, I became aware of a metallic type of energy/material. Within this energy, I saw the movement of Love on a grand scale. This is so satisfying, all abundant and ever present. Becoming one within the abundant energy of Love leaves no doubt that this energy is in all, permeating all creation, living and breathing within all things. Love not fear, became a Reality.

The Light formulated into a swirling tunnel facilitated by magnetic motion within the molecules, expressing a foundation of a loving translation into a dimensional shift. Floating through the tunnel, my awareness of Archangel Mich'l faded. I felt transparent, seeing and feeling the Omnipresent Light and Love aglow within every molecule and atom, the transitional magnetic energy within this dimension shift became my guide within the divine encounter.

This is like I became a different form of energy, I became part of all of the molecules that reside within the Loving energy - like I'm floating but I'm not, and I'm just a thought. As I became aware of all the molecules residing within me, Light was enlivening and encoding my cellular DNA with information. I became aware that this information and the experiences that were to come would not be realized all at once, but in moderation over the years to come.

In the midst of the transitional energy-shift tunnel, memory flooded my mind of the life that Archangel Mich'l spoke about, that was experienced two thousand years ago. Finding myself on top of a small hill with grass and flowers, I realized I was not alone. Standing on my left was Yehoshua (also spelled Jeshua); gently His loving presence comforted me as I extended a joyous reunion of our past life together.

I become aware of how He viewed the events of life; first by embracing and looking within an abundant, loving energy, then extending the vision, which resembles magnetic energy particles (similar to miniature snowy scenes in plastic bubbles), out into life. The molecules were in constant motion, bouncing off one another. These particles repel and attract each other in their movement and action. Every particle exposed an abundance of Love everywhere present.

His joy living in the abundant Unconditional Love, seeing only Spirit everywhere present is His guide throughout life. It is really easy to see the motivation used in that life to enlighten His Essential Self's mission. Light streamed from within Him, like a thousand watt light-bulb beaming and projecting out about five inches. He stated very clearly, 'I see that in you too now Mary (Magdalene), don't forget!' He said this with light-hearted innocence. I then became aware of the energy around myself that is in the same image and likeness. Looking into Yehoshua's eyes, the all-abundant love embraces our reunion. Honoring one another, we enjoyed our life together giving each other respect and love.

Every aspect of my personal journey is supported and embraced with a Loving Presence. 'I am always with you, comforting you with your journey, you're never alone. The memory of our loving life together is very clear of what it was like to be with you in the physical dimension. There have been many deceptions of whom you really were and about our life together, that was brought about by misperceptions of Light and Love. Many Truths - 'The Bloodline of the Holy Grail', by Laurence Gardner - will surface about, and clear up, much of the distortions, for those who are available to listen.'

'There will be (electromagnetic) Tools that We will all bring to you when you return (to Earth), which refine ego's illusion into the Truth that always reflects Love, not fear. Once the fear or guilt that had been harbored within dramas is set aside, the Reality of Love evolves into a creative matrix; living Unconditional Love. We (in the abundantly loving refined dimension) hold the Truth that is inherent within your image and likeness, that you are created in Her/His image and likeness, that of Love and not created in any kind of ego's drama, of an illusionary grip that held your life immobile in fear. As miracles shift into your living matrix, illusions diminish, along with their apparent reality, being created out of fear and not love.'

'Your connection with your Enlightened Self brings the Truth to your awareness, together we hold your strength in Reality that is within your cellular Matrix. Lifting off illusions lifts off and heals the sponsoring thoughts, which created the experiences built within fear. You will be a witness to releasing all illusions to Truth; when two men shift illusions and gather together in the Love based Matrix foundation, the fear is gone. You are a witness to enlightened Earth when the memory of lifting off guilt and the many fear-based illusions which bind our family in a web of sub-creation is shifted into Love. Your purpose of your return (to Earth) is to be a portal, facilitating a process of refining any creative thought that encompasses fear into Love. Our work will be a guidance that will establish your realignment with Source; wherever the Spiritual path leads the seeker into a Love based life style is enhanced with Love's embrace.'

'The process that lifts off illusions encompasses many challenges, that is why Our (the Ascended Masters) combined energy and support will always be within the application of the Magnetic Tools. The results will relinquish all illusions through a process that involves experiences and results, causes and effects into Love. It will all be in the form of a manuscript and in your/our presentations, our energy, all-encompassing answers will all be there.'

The blissful encounter embraced my image and likeness within His Loving support, creating an internal Matrix completely filling every life-giving cell. We came upon another shift into a dimension that enlivened every aspect of my experience so far. An absolutely profound recognition of Love enhanced the very images that lay ahead of me. The energy that is alive and active is readily available throughout the whole etheric experience that which was to be remembered when I returned. Well, no problem as I experienced the abundance! There wasn't any reason why I would question the Reality of the events, no comprehension of sabotage amidst any creative thought what so ever.

When we parted, a part of me wanted to hold onto His essence, but lovingly He held onto the outcome of what I would be remembering, all the tools once used on earth in the past. 'I am holding My energy for you to be here. Our purpose together will result from the energy that you will be exposed to and remember when you return to Earth. We shall never be apart; I love you and will be with you even if you do not think you feel My presence. No matter what the appearance is, you will always be on the right path, and We are with you through your life.' Knowing His vision is all-encompassing, I set forth with my encounter of a heavenly kind...

Class of '81

The Etheric Dimensional-Energy Shifting Tools.

The transitional tunnel experience was soon absorbed into White Light, as I became aware of a classroom with a couple of other students and with an instructor at the front of the room. We were shown geometric shapes and physics for their healing power in Light, which accompanies Sources energy in physical forms. The same magnetic regenerative energy that is experienced in the tunnel is primarily within the essence of the shapes.

Inherently formulated from a Loving creative Matrix, the objects facilitated a recreation of wholeness. Intuitively, my quest was to discover more about the essence of the shapes rather than the objects themselves. A question floated in my mind; if one focused only on the appearances, they could misplace the inner energy of the Source of all healing, putting faith into the object. Contacting Source by a direct route would be more efficient.

While I contemplated this thought, the next fragment of memory revealed Mother Mary entering the room. Light within Her Being radiated with brilliance, stabilized within an Unconditional matrix of Love, creating an intense, focused enlightened essence of Unconditional Love enlivening the room's atmosphere. Lightening-like energy streamed through Her, as Her Light showered unto the Instructor's (Raf'l) chest. Immediately a flash of Light intensified His own Light, which filled Raf'l's' whole Being. He returned His Light unto Her presence, as they greeted one another in their Image and likeness.

Mary looked at me, and with a smile motioned for me to come to Her. Love flowed from every atom of Her essence, as peace continued to fill the room. When we left, She asked me what my thoughts were on the material, how I felt about what was being presented. My response was one of gratitude for the information; however my interest was focused on the Essence of the Internal Energy, not just the shapes. If someone only looked to the physical shape itself for the healing, it could be limiting. So why not directly center yourself within Internal Source's energy, getting right to the Source of all healing?'

Mary already knew that my response would reflect on my Inner urge to focus on details and deeper meanings, then gave me Unconditional Love with respect to about how I focused this aspect of my personality. Mentioning my desire for the importance of detailed aspects to me, I joked knowing that there were some difficulties with being meticulous and getting slowed down by being tangled up in the details!

Searching for a fulfilling essence of life has been my passion. A deeper gratifying fulfillment encouraged a greater focus for life's adventures, always searching for something that could satisfy my inner urges. The inner impulses reflected from my Enlightened Self's purpose would soon to be revealed to me. We are to bring out messages that would result with living in Source's intention for anyone to be aligned with expressing the abundance of Wholeness. The purpose of my life this time was revealed to me in a comfortable acknowledging and respectful process.

I followed Mary as she escorted me into another room with a large fluffy chair in the center. This room was filled with serenity; the walls were glowing and active with Unconditional Love. The colors invited Peace as I absorbed abundant Unconditional Love's energy; a delicious invitation to reside within the wholeness of Love that I experienced. Mary offered the chair to me, as I anxiously looked around absorbing all the abundant energy. My desire was to see as much as I could while visiting this marvelous place! Knowing this, she assured me that I would be very pleased with the experience while sitting in the chair. The encounter would facilitate my physical body to accelerate a healing on Earth, and to be able to return to do the work. I would have more trouble with my physical body from the head injury if I didn't.

As I sat down my awareness was quickly absorbed in the comforting energy; Creator's Essence, filled every cell shifting into an empowerment in Unconditional Love, healing my mind and body. Everything around me seemed to fade away, every part of my consciousness; every atom was supported with a healing from Unconditional Love. Similar to the tunnel experience, I become one with the energy that effortlessly enlivened and soothed my being.

The internal components of my experience in the chair were active with Spirit's energy. I received another divine encounter. Absorbing and becoming one with the Love that filled me, my physical injuries healed with an accelerated rate on earth. This confirmed what Mary had told me earlier and was essential for my recovery, as the life force of my physical body had been deteriorating. Experiencing the total Love and ecstasy, life's meaning took on another image.

I don't know how long I sat in the chair when my perception shifted becoming aware of Mary in the room. When She spoke to me, Her reflection of Her Essential Self reflected within my Being, filling me up with light. Walking out of the room, we entered another room that was filled with many drawers on the wall; it reminded me of '2150 A.D.', by Thea Alexander; in the book they also had an area that had access to much information. Mary said, 'This is where you can have access to any form of information that is requested through your advanced awareness as you believe in your Self and the abilities you will acquire.' Mary walked over to an area in the room and said, 'We greet and acknowledge One another, as you first recognized when I came into Our classroom earlier, in the mirror image and likeness of Who We Really Are, our Essential Self. When you pass onto others this same recognition, they too will remember Their Great Source.'

'Those that desire to (magnetically) shift their experience world of co-creation into the Image and Likeness of Source, creating within Spirits energy will establish an opening into this Dimension you are now experiencing.' As Mary stated this, the Love flowed from within Her essence, intermingling with a beautiful aura of Light. The Peace that was radiating from Her filled the room with the wholeness of Unconditional Love and Light.

I observed as the Enlightened Beings first acknowledged their Light, they then experience the abundant Oneness of Love with one another. When the Light is established first, the common sponsoring thoughts and Creation are created from a refined, divine Loving matrix, combining the Oneness of Source. Creating an Entity within Light as both parties are interacting and communicating within Pure Creation, the combined energy becomes a Loving Creative interchange between the enlightened Beings.

The next thing I remember is looking into a type of etheric screen that disclosed a pool of information. Thoughts floated through the air, illuminating what I was a witness to; the result of practicing and living this method of releasing illusions to love then attracting the Reality of the etheric realm. We focused on people in a field enlivened and enhancing a newly formed Reality in Unconditional Love. Centering on one man, he first focused internally within, separating from any remnants of dense creative limiting vibration energy (thoughts or events) that had been attracted and used in ego's life dramas ('The Celestine Prophecy' highlights the drama events of egos). Light Source Matrix was also within his essence from practicing attracting Light into his innermost being, which encompassed Who He Really Is. His desire to express the Light prevailed over the used fear-thought system that he no longer wanted to be any part of.

Shifting the two-thought matrix's occurred simultaneously, separating the conditions by totally detaching any strings of accompanying limited thoughts while holding onto Realities Light Matrix in the back of his mind/being. He then repelled the geometric limited thought fear matrix out of his creative energy, including the sponsoring thought matrix that attracted ego's dramas. Within an instant, just as two large magnets repel each other, the repelled illusions were absorbed quickly into the Light, which surrounded him. The limiting events quickly left any potential creative engagement. Without hesitation, his thoughts totally absorbed the Light Matrix enveloped in the Truth of Who He Really Is. Knowing only a refined Essence of Abundant Love, any limiting codependent illusion dramas weren't in a creative thought-form/matrix/foundation.

He rose up radiating peace and love, and walked over to another man whose Matrix was also radiating Inner Peace. Enlightened in the foundation of abundant Love and Light, they extended their hands out to each other. Extending the new Matrix of Love to each other eliminated any form of fear exchanges. The fear based mechanisms leading to illusion dramas used in the past for an exchange of energy was seen from their evolved Macro-perspective: illusive in attaining Abundant Love for all.

They exchanged Enlightenment, Love, Joy and Peace to one another. Ego's dense illusions had disappeared into a brilliant White Light, as the men extended their hands out to each other in the Light of Oneness they recognized Pure Creation within each other. Accumulated events from the results of practicing and living the transitional energetic tools established their creative Matrix in Love, not fear.

I was excited on how the Tools will work, it is very easy to grasp and use. I exclaimed, 'It's gone! There're all gone! I can see how easy this works, but I am not sure I'm the right one, how I could ever bring this out to people? I am just an ordinary person, my dad was a carpenter from Olympia, Washington and I will be a small town Chiropractor. You should get someone else, someone famous. Besides that, I am also a bit shy to be in front of a lot of people!' (Extremely shy was more like it!)

'There are others of your original Soul, whom are incarnated into physical bodies also,' Mary said, and continued, 'The personalities, (fragments or aspects) that spiraled off of your sponsoring (Essential Self) Soul, have their own purpose to complete the whole perfection.' She also stated, 'You are the only one who can deliver this particular message of our healing work; it is why you have been called. You've always been on the path to discover specific aspects of Truth. Your 'burning' desire for details through life's experiences catapults your desire to move beyond limitations, keeping you searching for answers and creating a inward guiding receptivity. This will be your connection to our continuing guidance when you return to earth.'

'Personalities, who are already famous, would be viewed first from all the recognition they have already received in their life. This could create an obstacle for some to follow the guidance. You are someone people can relate to.' Mother Mary also assured me that everyone here (in the pure Etheric dimension of Reality) would be with me giving me support and guidance. Instantly, Enlightened Beings revealed their Light in our presence. The area filled with an abundant strength when they all gathered together.

'Do you remember Yehoshua?' Mother Mary asked in the original pronunciation. 'No I don't,' I answered. My infant consciousness, at that time, could only accept fragments of the information. At that moment, the Magnetic Tunnel experience was remembered only in Light. The messages were given to me in a way I could understand, they were never intrusive or demanding that it is clear at any moment. 'You also know Him as Jesus,' as Miriam clarified, said Mary.

'Oh! Is He here?' I said, anxiously looking around the area.

'No, He is holding His energy for you to be able to be here and He is at the beginning of the dimensional shift. Do you remember seeing Him?'

'No,' I answered, searching to remember.

'He will support your return to your physical body, and in time, there will be openings that you will recall this multidimensional experience of living in Source's ever-present-Presence while you reside on earth. You will also remember Yehoshua's Loving-Presence abiding with you in your transition shift.'

Mother Mary reassuring me again, her calm assurance stabilized their commitment with the 'project'. 'We will all be with you as you step out and We will always be there with Our support.' I saw Her focused intention and guiding presence being with me though every aspect of the project along with another vision of support, that which was guided into my consciousness. There are many Enlightened Beings giving support in other supportive avenues, they were all seen in this same vision affirming and sustaining Her words.

Thoughts came to me with ease, as they seemed to be floating around without recognition of coming from any specific Source. Learning about neurophysiology in college would be a fragment source of support for the core foundation of the communication shift, enhancing the etheric assistance that would stream though on many levels. Creation begins with thoughts, and thoughts are always associated with the communication of the nervous system.

My visit was coming to a close; it was necessary for me to return so there wouldn't be too much physical damage from the coma I had endured. Mary continued, 'The energy all around us is what will be streaming through into your awareness on Earth. It is necessary for you to bring this essence within your being, for this is what will be brought into the physical.'

What could I do that would help me remember? Studying for exams took repetition, so maybe that might help. Looking all around and repeating 'I will remember, I will remember...' Absorbing all the energy I possibly could, this would help me when later on Earth bringing all the particles within my inner-self. Mary smiled, and saw that my intent with doing what came to mind facilitating this recollection of Unconditional Love. She reassured me that everyone (in the etheric dimension) would support the process, and that I was not alone.

As I was absorbing all the surrounding energy, White Light began to seep within my awareness. Brilliant Light enveloped me; it seemed I was again just a thought form traveling within the Light. Mother Mary would continue to release information to me as I entered the physical body for a few weeks, bringing the information into the physical dimension, along with her energy and encouragement.

Physical densities seemed to formulate from the Light right in front of me, as I entered into a room. The Light that safely carried me into this dimension became one with the atoms within the physical body, actively holding the Light deep within. Thought energy associated with other forms of creation intermingled in the air. Hard to describe in words, it was just another form associated within the dense environment, which led to experiencing more that just a linear world.

Colors embraced the energy in motion, revealing their specific properties. Intermingling within the physical bodies, consciously unknown to the individual, it was clearly seen how these properties became sponsoring thoughts. Quite a change from the peaceful atmosphere that was just experienced, the support from Heaven's dimension seemed to be overridden with all the many potential dimensional confusion leading to forgetting Heaven. There was a light, which streamed through, just enough for me to visualize the Enlightened Self of a couple of influential people.

Anxiousness thoughts, frustration, and feelings of concern along with wondering what will happen next were seen 'in the air'. It was quite strange to see this seemingly separate form of the physical body in which they originated, but floating around in the air! Memories of Unconditional Loving support, Light along with the Loving support lingered in my memory...

My visit to Heaven ended with an abrupt memory hearing the neurologist yelling 'Anlee, come back... It's time to wake up... Time to come back...' 'I don't want to,' I meekly replied. His immediate response was a relief; I saw his energy fill up with a joy for being a part of my return. His relief was a great welcome, serenity and peace resided within his essence with fulfilling his respect to aid humanity that resulted from giving his fullest potential efforts.

Consciousness narrowed into a limiting focused physical intensity while the spiritual experience is still active in the etheric dimension within a cellular level. Subtle memories instilled within my etheric physical/spiritual essence with the potentially active communication with Source/Self was safely guarded and held deeply within my being.

Seeming like a dream, the other Beings were still visible to me. Seeing in both dimensions left some confusion, yet there was an ability to view the Enlightened Selves of those who physically gathered around me in the hospital.

Confirmation and relief briefly overcame the doubts and anguish of being in the density and confusion within the environment on earth, as I realized that the Essential Self of one of the doctors in the hospital was one of my instructors in Heaven. A caring escort that stood at my side as my physical body continued to recover from the concussion and head injury from the coma.

Our conversations lead to a reminder that the physical promotes forgetting Who We Really Are. His purpose in the earthly dimension was involved in healing within the physical, which required him to remain anonymous. He helped facilitate the health of the neurological system to be restored to its highest potential. How fitting, one of the teachers in the dimensional shift experience is here rendering his aid to heal what is to be an aspect of the foundation, the paradigm of our dimensional shift experience, neurology!

When I fully woke up, he asked me if I knew anything about botany. He was surprised when I said no, because during one of the phases of recovery from the coma, he heard me taking to myself. Walking over to where I was at, he heard a detailed descriptive assessment of the photosynthesis process. When he asked about this, I stated that I was a tomato plant going through the normal processes!

Background Information:

Gender: Female

Date NDE Occurred: 1981

NDE Elements:

At the time of your experience, was there an associated life-threatening event? Yes Accident auto accident, 10 day coma, multiple fractures, 6 weeks traction to relieve acetabulum in left hip. Life threatening event, but not clinical death 10 day coma, needed 8 pints of blood, lungs filled with blood, artery in leg was severed.

How do you consider the content of your experience? Positive

The experience included: Out of body experience

Did you feel separated from your body? Yes

At what time during the experience were you at your highest level of consciousness and alertness? It seemed to be a dream while I was recovering from the coma. I missed the abundant Unconditional Love greatly; it was very hard to get back to school.

Did time seem to speed up or slow down? Everything seemed to be happening at once; or time stopped or lost all meaning

Did you encounter or become aware of any deceased (or alive) beings? Yes A lot of the memory did not immediately come to me. I uncovered a lot during a hypnotic session with Julia Ingram, co-author of 'The Messengers'.

The experience included: Light

Did you seem to enter some other, unearthly world? A clearly mystical or unearthly realm See above

The experience included: Special Knowledge

Did you suddenly seem to understand everything? Everything about the universe See above

Did scenes from your past come back to you? My past flashed before me, out of my control

The experience included: Vision of the future

Did scenes from the future come to you? Scenes from the world's future

Did you come to a border or point of no return? I came to a barrier that I was not permitted to cross; or was sent back against my will I was given a choice, to return or not. When I saw the effects of the information that was revealed, I wanted to return.

God, Spiritual and Religion:

What was your religion prior to your experience? Liberal I enjoyed Unity that was founded by Charles and Mirtle Filmore

What is your religion now? Liberal

Did you have a change in your values and beliefs because of your experience? Yes My belief deepened and became more enlivened. I did not change my mind about my belief.

The experience included: Presence of unearthly beings

After the NDE:

Was the experience difficult to express in words? Yes To explain the total Unconditional support that is within every cell of your thought energy is difficult to bring across, because it isn't really something that we experience on earth.

Do you have any psychic, non-ordinary or other special gifts after your experience that you did not have before the experience? Yes I was given a choice, to return or not. When I saw the effects of the information that was revealed, I wanted to return.

Are there one or several parts of your experience that are especially meaningful or significant to you? Best was the whole experience. Worst part was I returned to a fear based Earth without a total memory of what happened for a long time.

Have you ever shared this experience with others? Yes Depended on the individual. A lot were open to hearing of the experience, however there are people who have so many blocks to hearing the Truth; they didn't want to believe me.

At any time in your life, has anything ever reproduced any part of the experience? Yes Just through writing about it, seeing my guides that were with me in the experience and listening to my guidance.

Are there any other questions that we could ask to help you communicate your experience? There seems to be a couple repeated questions, however it was very good and detailed.