Experience Description

Before I go into the story of my experiences detailed below, I would like to insert a near death experience I had in 2011 at the age of seventy one.

Alan McD died numerous times due to heart block and came back.

On the 18th August, 2011 I died numerous times on the resuscitation table due to third stage heart block. I went through the whole drama of my heart stopping, flat lining repeatedly. Adrenaline and atropine were injected directly into my heart and the shock paddles and chest depressions had to be used over and over again in a desperate effort to get my heart to beat again on its own.

If I had any doubts about life after death, I have none now. Each time my heart stopped, my soul or consciousness left my body and went into other dimensions of existence. At first, I only remembered a little of what went on in those three hours of life and death struggle, but lately have begun to remember more and more about the strange otherworldly realms I saw during that time. Each time they got my heart to beat, I came back.

I saw numerous people all gathered to welcome me into the afterlife. All my beloved were there. It seemed like a welcome home party, but as soon as the doctors got my heart to beat, I was drawn back to the Earthly world.

Another time I saw a tree with many books situated around it. Reading what was on the covers, I saw that they contained all the knowledge and mysteries of existence.

One very large book seemed to consolidate what was in all the smaller books. When I tried to lift it, I found it was too heavy to carry, and I decided to return later for it.

I saw a beautiful pulsating orb of golden light that I took for the Lord Jesus as it emanated perfect peace and love. I had no tunnel or meeting of a being of light, I think because the medical team was continually resuscitating me.

After three hours, the doctors installed a temporary pacemaker to maintain my pulse. I was told by the doctor that I had been ‘really really dead.’

The doctor said if I had arrived hospital even five minutes later it would have been impossible to revive me. I am seventy one years of age now, and would not have minded if I had died then. I suppose there must be some things left for me to do, because a whole lot of favorable coincidences made it possible for me to survive

I had taken a nap on that Thursday night, and a dear friend of mine phoned late at night, a thing he had never done before. I woke up with heart going crazy almost stopping. My wife immediately called the ambulance and they got to my home in seven minutes flat. The hospital is less than a half kilometer from my home, I was there in five minutes, and when I got there, I received attention immediately.

Note that if my friend did not phone me at the exact moment he did, I would never have woken up and died in my sleep.

I now have a permanent pacemaker in my chest, which should last ten years. Despite the great shock, I am feeling very alive and well.

Also note that the medical term for what happened to me is Complete Atrial/Ventricle Heart Block.


Alan McD

Preface to the other events in my long life.

From the time, I was a little boy I knew and saw things that other people did not. Many people thought of me as a strange and enigmatic boy, and some still do as an adult. I often perplexed and even frightened my parents, family, and school teachers. I would wonder why my parents only greeted the people that came through the front door and ignored the lovely and sometimes very scary people that walked into the house through the walls. I knew when a person or family member was in pain or feeling unwell, just be looking at them and commenting about what was troubling them at the time. I could feel their pain and the area of the body from which the ailment was coming from.

I remembered that as a child I had always had three ethereal friends, or childhood imaginary friends. Their names are Jinnery, Rough Raven and Claudious. Of course, they are/were my real guardian entities or guardian angels if you like. These were referred to as my imaginary friends by my relatives, but how could a little boy of three come up with such complex names? I often told my parents and grandparents that I saw Jesus in heaven, that I even went swimming with him at times, informing them that he did not wear a dress or have a beard. I also heard repeatedly many strange sounds, voices, and could smell things that other people did not notice. An event that stands out vividly in my memory of this long ago time was having to walk a long distance home with my parents late at night, because we had missed the late night bus after a movie. I told my parents not to worry during the walk. I told them I would pray for a bus to come and pick us up on the way. I prayed and a moment later, a bus came and stopped the driver telling he would take us home free of charge. He dropped us off to the amazement of my parents right in front of our home in town.

An account with an angel of God as a child of six.

As a small boy of six years of age, I took a way home from school that I knew was not safe, and my parents would not have known where I was or went if I got lost or hurt.

There was a small narrow gravel path winding through a thick plantation of trees. It was about a mile and a half long and when I was deep into the plantation, I looked back and saw a large man with an evil grin on his face. I got really frightened and scared because I knew in my heart that he was out to hurt me in some bad way. I started to walk faster but he just easily kept up. The faster I walked to the faster he walked, all the time closing the gap between the two of us.

The next thing, to my amazement, suddenly, there was a friendly man walking at my side, I looked back and saw that when the large bad man saw this nice person he seemed startled and began to back off further and further until I could see him no more.

As he continued to walk with me and guide me out of this thick plantation, the friendly man said, ‘Joe,’ (my nickname,) ‘Never, ever walk alone in this plantation again. Promise me that Joe.’ I turned to thank him, but he was gone. He had simply disappeared. I really believe he was an angel who had taken on the form of a man.

My frantic parents and aunt were searching all over for me. My Aunt Bessie told me later that she had finally found me at the exit of the narrow path. After I told her the story, she was convinced it was an angel from God.

I did not really comprehend the event properly then, but as the years went by I came to know that God had sent one of his beautiful angels to save me. I love God.



Start of profound experiences as an adult,

I consider myself a mystic with what Christians call the gifts of the spirit. In non-religious terms, a psychic. Other people who have also had near death experiences have asked me why each account seems to differ so much from person to person. It all comes down to subjective perception, comprehension, and how long, detailed, and profound the events were. Like each life on Earth, each near death event is unique to each person that has undergone this life changing experience.

I am a complex, deep, very well read and intellectual person, so my account of the heavens and afterlife do not contain all the ‘I met Uncle Richard’ or ‘I met my Grandparents’ type of testimony. There are countless other near death accounts that do provide that type of comfort to the readers.

People are unique and therefore, each have unique experiences. Not all people go to the same place, to the same when or where within the same dimensions in the uncountable other planes and realms that exist somewhere far out in the physical universe. As well as those beyond the physical universe, that exist also within the non-physical near death event. That it is easily readable and comprehensible to readers depends much on the skill of the writer and how good or bad the recall by the writer is of the experience in spiritual realms, paradises, or heavens in the afterlife.

Of course, in order to relate a near death experience in easily readable form, or any other experiences, one must be a good writer with a good memory.

While I did not have the usual full tunnel experience, I did meet a Being of Light who at first I thought might be Jesus or an Angel. I had a partial ‘life review,’ and saw both beautiful, loving, meaningful episodes of my life, as well as regretfully embarrassing ones. I do not detail my experience based on my Christian religious indoctrination, or in fact any other religious dogma. Therefore, in this testimony there is no mention of salvation by any means or beliefs like reincarnation and karma. I am, however, a born again Christian! I go into this aspect of my near death experiences later in this testimony.

What I write about in the following chapters does not all come from one single near death event, or single other experience, and it is also sourced from a mix of out of body events, dreams, and innate intrinsic knowledge that I have ingrained into my understanding. Somehow, over the years, I have mentally ‘downloaded’ into my brain and understanding much of this mysterious knowledge direct from what I call the ‘universal super consciousness.’ This consciousness is a conglomerate of wisdom and knowledge of all sentient beings in our physical universe, also known as the collective unconsciousness. A sort of cosmic internet, if you like. Note! It is most definitely not almighty God, who is the only Infinite and eternal one.

The account of my knowledge of the mystical as well as the heavens in the afterlife and experiences starts here.

Early one morning, I died while all was still dark. I rose up bodily until the blue became black. I awoke in a dark realm where the boundaries between my physical self and everything physical around me slowly began to dissolve. I saw an infinity of stars lighting up the night of the still-dark early morning sky. Quietness like a soft, warm and comforting, peaceful blanket descended on my body, soul, and mind. Although now outside my physical self, I could still somehow hear the sweet song of chirping. Singing birds, and I knew their sweet and wonderful, beautiful voices were in absolute harmony all together as one, reflecting in the audible, the fundamental particles that continually dance and dart like tiny electrons within the infinite mind of God.

Outside, leaves rustled in the cool autumn night and although my physical body was still indoors on a bed, I could still feel the cool breeze, I, nevertheless, continued to experience and absorb the wonderful scent of grass and the fragrances of flowers that permeated the physical Earth. In some ways, I had become two separate entities with separate interlinked consciousnesses.

Becoming a small point of golden pure energy, I rose high above the Earth to where the blue morning sky became black, and looked down upon the Earth. I saw it from the wonder and the glory of the infinite night from a place out in the physical cosmos. I found myself in the presence of a being who appeared to me to be like a pulsating golden ‘orb’ similar to my state of being then, but much brighter and more energetic. At this time, I thought this being might be God. Later, I knew he was my guardian angel.

Now I remained for a while this tiny bright point of thinking light, a singularity, and a point of intelligence within the greater light that lovingly embraced me. This being later revealed to me, mind to mind, some wondrous things, which happen in the afterlife, the planet Earth, and the physical universes. This being continually communicated with me, while he took me on a protracted and profound journey into the unknown mystical planes, dimensions, heavenly spiritual places, and realms. Later he told me that he had been my companion all my life. My childhood guardian angel. I began to recall how he had communicated and helped me overcome terrible trauma and trials that I had to endure as small child as well as my terrible struggle as an adult with manic depressive disorder.

Afterlife memory how it works

We retain all the memories of our personal Earthly identity from the moment we exist in the afterlife. All the other billions and billions of ever-changing ‘now’s’ are stored within the divine mind keeping each moment in context. So if we meet another being we are immediately supplied with all the relevant knowledge to interact fully and store that memory in the divine mind.

Experience continued.

Finding myself looking down upon the globe of the Earth, as if viewing it from a porthole of a spaceship, I noticed that the Earth was revolving very quickly. I was stopping over each country. A very stern warning was given to each leader by the great angel of God. ‘Mere mortal man I am displeased with you.’ Then the Earth moved again until it stopped over another country and so on and so on. At this stage, I did not have an ethereal body. I remained a point of light, or a singularity of intense thought. As we hovered together in space above the Earth, the Earth continued to revolve and stop, revolve and stop, each time over another country or continent. After stopping over a country I continued to hear the great angel booming out its loud stern warning, repeating to each nation in turn, ‘Mere Mortal Man, I am not well pleased with you’.

I vividly remember, as we were hovered over the Asian continent, looking down upon India and the

regions around it, that some great catastrophe would be coming from this region. It would come from beneath the Indian Ocean and effect the Indian subcontinent and countless other peoples in other remote places in a terribly way. Later this warning was confirmed, by the events of the great 2004 Indian Subcontinent Earthquake and subsequent terrible tsunami that killed over 250,000 people.

Later I remembered that some of the other warnings given to mankind by the angel have also come to pass namely; Hurricane Katrina and the awful cyclone that hit Burma during 2008, killing 250,000 people. Japan’s 9.1 Earthquake of 2010. There are many other warnings of the cataclysmic events that still have to come to pass in the near future. The Earth is distressed and God is speaking to mankind through these disasters, saying, ‘wake up, look up and try to understand what is coming upon the Earth very soon’.

The reader might ask the question, ‘How true is this article’? My answer would be that they are absolutely subjectively true. It is a true reflection of what I experienced, while in a deep coma in an altered state of consciousness when very ill. Are they true reflection of some of the mysteries on the other side of life? I cannot say with certainty.

I am going to attempt to describe my near-death experiences while very ill and in a deep death coma. This is an almost impossible task, as one has to try and relate the strange and alien multi-dimensions of the other side of life in a way that can be understood in our three dimensional material world.

I found myself in a dark place and did not have the usual ‘into the light’ tunnel experience. I seemed to have become a dense, intense point of intelligent light energy. I had no body but at the same time was the personality that inhabited my Earthly body. I became pure undiluted thought. That is the best way I can explain it.

There, I was sometimes met by a being of pure light. Not a human form, but pure point of light, who communicated with me mind to mind, via some form of telepathy. I believe at first that it was God but later demoted it to an angel. Then this being showed me the tunnel that usually follows the near death event. I could not see either end of the tunnel as we were in total darkness, except for the point of intelligent light. It was an out of-body experience. I was told that one end of this tunnel lead to the light, and the other into the dark void.

It was explained to me, by this being of light, that this tunnel had two ends. One led into the glorious light of God, and the other into the darkness of the void. I would like to interject here, due to your prime question relating to judgment in the afterlife. Darkness (evil) cannot invade the light, for even one candle dispels the darkness. Only the light (goodness) can impact the darkness.

At first, I was taken up through the tunnel into a place of learning (a library). I went into the glorious light at the one end of this almost infinite tunnel. While in the light, I experienced great feelings of elation, love, and peace. Here I was shown great events that were to come to planet Earth, sometimes in the future. There was a being with me all the time that I could not see, but hear. It spoke with a male voice. I believed it/he were what we mortals refer to as God. Later I was informed the being was not God but a highly evolved entity much like an angel.

While this was speaking, I could see a panoramic view of planet Earth, as if I was a space man observing the Earth, all the time, from the window of a space vehicle. The voice that I had heard not pleased with what was happening on our planet. It kept referring to humanity in the terms of ‘mere mortal man, I am displeased with you.’ I cannot remember why he was displeased. While this unseen being of pure light being was speaking, the Earth was revolving and stopping at intervals over each continent, in turn, where a warning message was given to each continent. What I can remember was that he was saying to humanity that he was displeased with their evil actions in some way.

The frustrating part is that I could not retain all that was said to mere mortal man by this being, while I was with him viewing the Earth. I do, however, clearly, remember two warnings. One, that a cataclysmic event would start from the Indian subcontinent. The other that the middle east crises would not be solved by the peacekeeping efforts of man, and that divine direct intervention would eventually come to the Earth, sometime in the future. This because of the unbelievable misconduct that some mere men were perpetuating and directly responsible for on Earth. The rape of the Earth. Then Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami Happened.

It was also shown to me that we are not really judged by God, but by our own actions in life, which dictate where one starts their afterlife eternal destiny. If all our actions had become totally bad, by the end of life, we would become a being of darkness and it would then be simply become impossible for us to enter the light of God. Darkness cannot penetrate the light! To reach this point, we would have to have become a totally depraved being (like Hitler), with no redeemable qualities. The destiny of this type of person, by his own actions, would be banishment down into the deepest darkness of this vast, infinitely long pit of the tunnel into the dark void I related earlier, remote from the love of God.

I was also shown that there are degrees of punishment in the void. Ranging from a grey depressive atmosphere, progressively down into utter horror, terror, hopelessness, despair, and desolation in black darkness. I did not see any lake of fire! However, I got the clear impression that God will one day thrust all evil away from him into the infinite utter remote darkness of the deep and forget it there forever.

There is a beautiful balance to existence. While the dark void is awful, the domain of the light is so peaceful, loving, glorious, and even blissful that I cannot really find adequate words in the English language to describe it.

Therefore, we all have varying degrees of light in us that will allow us into the glorious light of almighty God in the light end of the tunnel, at the end of our Earthly life. God can work with the light in us, make us pure and allow us to progress up the various levels of heaven into his eternal blissful presence of everlasting peace and joy! It is a progress of eternal learning. Then we become one with God, but retain our unique self-awareness and our unique personalities are retained forever.

Time, as we experience on Earth, it is an illusion. It is something like an infinitely stretchable or shrinkable string of elastic. Perhaps that is why some days seem to take an eternity to pass and others mere moments? The end event, the end of time, will not come at some set chronological time, but when a certain set of future events synchronize.

The above near death experience stimulated my psychic ability and I began to travel in the out of body state. As the years pass, I have begun to remember more and more of those strange journeys to the other side of physical life.

The account of this is written below.


So, I wrote this essay based on my experiences for those who are interested.

One early morning while all was still dark I awoke in that state between sleep and wake and the boundaries between my physical self and everything physical around me began to dissolve. Quietness, like a soft, warm and comforting, peaceful blanket descended on my sleeping body and mind. I could hear in the background the sweet song of birds. Somehow, they kept their wonderful beautiful voices in absolute harmony. It reflected the electrons darting in the mind of the infinite one. Outside, leaves rustled in the autumn night and, although still indoors on my bed, I could somehow feel the breeze against my skin, and the wonderful scent of grass and flowers that permeated the Earth.

I then arose above the Earth to where the blue became black and looked with wonder at the glory of the infinite night. Suddenly, everything vanished and I was no longer aware of where I was until a warm golden light encompassed me. It knew everything about me and I was in that eternal place outside time or space. Indeed, I now dwelt in the everlasting infinite moment. Marvelous extraordinary insights flashed into my mind and I was able with a new godlike understanding to comprehend. All the mysteries of existence. It was clear to me then that the universe was mostly good and that evil will never prevail against the light. Beautifully interconnected in one glorious harmony of all things. I seemed to be an intense, intelligent point of light.

I could see an eternal fire within the spirit of my being and was filled by it with a sustained sense of exultation. I felt immense joy, peace, rapture, and sublime bliss. An intellectual illumination beyond any description overflowed my mind and. I knew then that all humanity was immortal and possessed eternal life and that the ultimate plan of the universe was for the good of all that dwelt within its vast golden glorious boarders. The concept of time vanished and I seemed to exist in an everlasting moment. The physical universe was indeed a most precious jewel in the mind of God.

The greatest emotion there was the feeling of unconditional, all encompassing eternal love by our creator. All the joyful beings in this everlasting blinding pure domain of light and life loved me, too. All life was of prime importance and the creator God loved the souls of animals. We sang there, all together in perfect harmony, the creation song of Gods existence and eternal mystery.

This timeless reality was so very much more real than the three-dimensional reality we experience on Earth. In this state, my mind was clear and I could feel an incredible energy and power coursing through me. In this wonderful new and indescribable place, there seemed to be nothing but a sense of knowing, being, and loving. A strange thing was that in this dimension, one could alternate between the subjective and objective anytime at will. Oh! How my soul did delight then and how reluctant I was to return to the bleak mundane existence of my Earthly life. Reflecting back on my early life I wondered how many moments or days of subjoin on Earth in my mortal body had being truly happy.

I was now experiencing a continual sustained happiness beyond description together with unimaginable joy, peace, and glory.

During my sojourn in this other realm, I went amongst the stars and saw their mighty glory. I saw glorious multi-colored planets, and observed great beings that were countless million kilometers high, which sailed on radiant light in the dark space that makes up most of the universe. I asked the infinite one if there was life in the universe and knew it was awash with life. Wave after wave of revelation swept through my whole being and the wonder and joy of it all was almost too much for me stand or comprehend.

It was revealed to me then that our prime purpose for existing was to progress upwards through many dimensions towards the light of the ultimate absolute reality (which is God), while always retaining our blessed uniqueness. In the end, we will all merge with all things, and restore harmony to creative existence. We would then still be ourselves but also have access to the infinite knowledge and power of the creator God as we finally withdraw once again into ourselves.

Then we will become co –creators, able to create by the power of imagination, perception, and thought. My passed-over mother showed me how if she wanted a house of her liking she could think about it in detail and create it as a reality. Of course, no one really needs homes to shelter us from the weather over there.

Travel is also by thought, both into the physical and ethereal dimensions of reality.

Some of the future events coming to planet Earth were revealed and shown to me. Humanity would have to migrate from planet Earth into the universe, as the Earth’s resources were finite. No nuclear holocaust would obliterate Earth. The greatest threat was the population explosion. In addition, the future was not set in stone, and the divisions taken by a person or a nation could alter the outcome of the future.

The loss of moral absolutes was sadness to the divine. The restoration of these was of paramount importance if humankind was to escape and join the rest of sentient beings in the vast universe. All people should not only believe, but also know that all will ultimately have to account to the divine for what they have done while on their journey of life as mere mortal beings while on planet Earth.

I enquired as to whether we similarly experienced pleasures in the spiritual realm as we do with our mortal bodies while on Earth. Such as, good food, mortal love, touch, taste, smell, sight, or sex. Would this all be lost when we took on ethereal or spiritual bodies. What about our friends, family, lovers, soul mates?

What about travel, homes? What about boundaries of conduct. Was anything forbidden if sin was abolished? As there would no longer be evil or sin in heaven, everything would be permissible and we would be able to experience ecstasy, bliss, and sublime joy as we mingle and merge completely with any one we wish. Everything there is much, much more intense, sustained and beautiful, complete and wonderful than anything we could remotely liken to on the Earthly plane. It is indeed very exiting!

Total mystical union with the divine will become the norm and unions between spirits perhaps the greatest intense pleasurable ecstasy known. Something like sex this continues in the next life, but is much more, intense euphoric, and sustained.

There, one is free to please each other by totally giving of our souls, spirits, and minds in a merging of such unimaginable pleasure that our present minds and bodies could not comprehend. The ethereal or soul body exists at a much higher rate of vibration so it can experience things that are impossible for the physical body

However, the union with the Divine is something even more wonderful, unimaginably beautiful, sublimely blessed and happy, so glorious that no words yet formed in any Earthly language could come remotely near describing this eternal bliss.

But one does not just go on existing in never ending bliss. All must learn, evolve, and create their own realities. There are ceaseless challenges and no boredom.

A process of continual learning takes place in an instant. Access and pooling of all knowledge by telepathy between all the minds in the universe is possible. In addition, it is possible to communicate in this manner with the simple innocent minds of our passed-over beloved pets and all creatures big and small. We would have instant access to all our beloved ones, throughout creation, no matter how far they are from us, by this method.

Wonderful is it not? Therefore, there is no such thing as separation, loneliness, tears, sorrow, and sickness and finally there is victory over death itself.

Would all humanity, no matter how depraved in life, upon death go to this wonderful dimension life? No, absolutely not! We would be constantly bombarded by dark thoughts, as the means of communication was telepathy. Heaven would become a most un-heavenly place. So it is logical and obvious that God cannot permit this to happen. I had a feeling (I am not sure) that the worst, most monstrous beings (and they are not all of human origin) might have their lives extinguished forever. This is the third death from which no one ever awakes.

The book of life, which is contained as memories in the temporal lobe of our brain, is played off, like a video recording on death before God and us immediately upon death. This is called the life review by near death experiencers. There is no judgment here, just a mild disproval and admonishment for the wrongs we have done in life.

We feel objectively the effects, both good and bad, of how our actions have effected and influenced other people. The life review is played off at great speed, like a movie fast forwarding at a speed too fast for the eye to follow. But unlike a movie, we are part of the life review. The life review comes and goes in one blinding moment, but strangely, we relive every moment of our lives so that we can learn from our mistakes.

Each person will have to face judgment for what was done by them done while on Earth. We all, unlike Hitler, have some light and goodness within us, and this will enable us to perpetrate the light of God. One candle dispels the darkness. Anyone reading this testimony will definitely not be going into outer darkness but will inherit the kingdom of God. The spirits of all animals will return to God from whence they had come. God loves them dearly. The abusers of children will face the full wrath of God and it would be better for this type of person to have never been born.

It is awesome to think that the dimension discussed in this testimony is only the first of many that the spirit has to travel before finally merging and submerging with the infinite almighty. We would then have the unbelievable power of direct access to the infinite mind of God.

I was also showed much of what is unknown about our almost unimaginably beautiful universe. There are beings that sail for a better world across the vast oceans that we call space time, pushed by radiant energy on gossamer wings thousands of miles across.

There are other strange humanoid life forms so advanced that one could not get them to recognize us as sentient beings. Others were primitive, and still others almost totally like or Earth but with minute differences. What we call matter is simply a wisp of smoke and I could rush through giant planets, which flashed by as rock, crystal, fire and again into the unimaginable void of the unifiers into the composite white light of the source. Our universe would at first appear as it receded like an infinite dark plane, then become a huge black orb until it was just one black dot amongst the infinite other universe in the eternal now of existence. All interconnected molecules of one colossal, gigantic cosmic body.

The universe is awash with life, some so different from our own that they would not recognize us as living sentient beings, and to us they would be great unmoving orbs. But they move at such a different rate that we would have to wait thousands of years to observe the smallest movement.

To them we are like flashing sparks of electrons that exist and are then gone. Some of those beings have being observing our world for millions of years and the only real change they see is the huge continental drifts.

Indeed the creation of our glorious universe was an intelligent act of omnificent, unimaginable, and indescribable beauty.

Love Alan McD age 71 South Africa, 12/6/2012.