My heart goes out Ahmed for going through the dark night of the soul.">

Experience Description

I was arrested by the American troops on August 24, 2007 for eight days. I was placed in an isolation cell. I felt that God is watching me. I am especially grateful that I was under his care.

I felt like I was leaving my body and was almost on the roof of the cell. Because of this sense, I called on God to come to me. A strange feeling says to me that, ‘you will come out within ten days and you will not stay more than ten days.’ This made my faith so deep that I began to smile in advance because I know that I'm going out after a few days!

After coming out of jail, I did not stick to my prayer fully as I did before I was arrested. I sunk into a deep depression. I was not committed to prayer and my faith was tested because of my poor conditions where it seemed that everything around me was collapsing. I was separated from the girl I love. The teachers at the university did not like me because I wasn't studying to my full potential. I used to be first in the class but dropped to one of the lowest. I was in a state of depression, feeling that I have wronged and life began to become black in my view. I was crying when I was alone and began to say, ‘O Lord, no longer am I able to afford this life. I cannot do good and I cannot do evil anymore. I want you to take my soul.’ But back then, I was afraid of how I would meet my Lord with my prayers incomplete. For sure, I would go to Hell. I prayed that he would keep me out of the fire, and help me to connect with him.

Then I began to see people die on television for three days because there was a war in the Arab region. I began to wonder if it was now that I would go to Paradise or to Hell? Are these dead suffering during death? I asked the Lord to show me what will happen to me today. That was it. For two seconds during the sunset I’d forget the topic until after bedtime.

I woke up and saw that my neck and my head were raising of my body. Slowly I felt that I was going out of my body. The separation started from my feet. New feet came out of body, and then other parts of my body followed the new feet. My face left the old body with shining light and golden-colored. It sounded like bubbles in a soft drink.

I looked at the old body and I said to myself, ‘it belongs to another man, I hated it.’ Suddenly I floated fast, then faster and faster. I went through a black tunnel. My sense of hearing became so strong I heard my neighbors talking in their house.

I flew around the room very fast, weightless, with twenty eyes. Time was different. Then I arrived at s balcony door, I became sad and started crying. I said to myself, ‘I will go to hell, because I was not in prayer.’ I requested God to send me back at least for two minutes for praying. Then two men came and caught my hands, and they took me down to my body. I heard gargling behind my head. I woke up in my body and I found myself sitting in the bed, and became alert.

I knew that this life is transient and I have no need to fear death. Because it is not painful, it is just transferring and shifting from life to another.

I felt the two minutes were as two or three days. And I know that there is another limit up there. The time and place were different from Earth.

After my near death experience, I noticed the body got electrical power, and I feel that some unknown creatures came around me once in a while. Sometimes they whispered into my ears. I become sensitive to lights and sounds, so before sleeping I put cotton balls in my ears. I like dark more than light.

I shared my story with friend of mine, he told me that he heard about the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, and he watched a television program about near death experiences. He advised me not to be scared. After the near death experience, I became isolationist and felt good near religious people.

Please help me to make contact with people who had near death experiences because I feel that I am alone and a stranger from Earth people. I am just a visitor from that world, the real world. I am waiting to go back to my real world.