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4276. Maureen H NDE 1/10/2017. NDE 8188. I was dumbstruck and in awe because there was such a feeling of kindness and caring from them. The woman spoke and said, 'We weren't sure you were going to make it.' I was enveloped in the feelings of kindness coming from them. Then the woman said, 'There's your neighbor.'
NDE due to bicycle accident at age 8 or 9. Shared about 51 years later.

4275. Bohdan Probable NDE 1/10/2017. Probable NDE 8187. From the Ukraine. Suddenly, I saw a bluish-greenish light. To my surprise, I was skiing! There was very little snow on the ground, but sure enough I was doing it! As I saw this bluish-greenish light, I realized that I was in a cave! I was able to see all these stones in the cave, and there were little cracks with the same bluish-greenish light. I could feel the pain in my leg, but I told myself 'just keep skiing, sure it hurts now, but every second I am skiing is one second closer to full recovery'.
Probable NDE with very atypical content.

4274. Terry C Probable NDE 1/6/2017. Probable NDE 8183. All of a sudden, I found myself in the greatest peace and without anxiety in my recalled experience. I felt comfortable and neither hot nor cold, despite the river being icy cold. I saw black but felt like I was in an immense space. I know that with the bright sunshine and crystal clear water, that sunlight would have been getting through my eyelids such that I should not have seen pure dark. The thought in my mind was that I was going to relax into this 'warm darkness'.
Probable NDE due to drowning. Remarkable deathbed vision of her young dying husband that involved their children (ages 4 and 7).

4273. Curtis S NDE 1/5/2017. NDE 8182. I was then slowly floating upwards into the sky and looking down at all the children running back to the house to get help. I could see all the houses on the street and even saw the family car parked in front. I don't remember seeing anyone leaving the house but I do remember looking up into the sky. I felt at peace and had no feelings of fear at all.
NDE due to drowning at age 7.

4272. Ilxa L NDE 1/3/2017. NDE 23179. Throughout this all, I remember seeing what had happened. It replayed in my head like it was a movie, except I wasn't myself. I was someone else and was watching myself help my brother with his head. I rushed out of the bathroom to call my mom for help. I remember seeing myself call my mother, but from downstairs in the kitchen. I saw everything but it seemed like I was seeing from someone else's perspective.
NDE due to faint at unspecified age but apparently in childhood.

4271. Eric M NDE 1/3/2017. NDE 8177. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I had a feeling of plenitude where I didn't sense anything anymore. I was neither cold nor warm. I felt peaceful and quiet. Then I saw a long, black tunnel with a luminous point at the very end. The light was growing bit by bit, while I advanced in this tunnel. The light turned into an intense light, radiating but not blinding. I felt good. Nothing happens. The light is beautiful, good, and soft.
NDE from drowning when he fell off small boat.

4270. Kathleen M Probable NDE and NDE 1/1/2017. Probable NDE and NDE 8179. I can remember being out of body. I was looking down like I was an observer to someone else's trauma. Nothing they did could bring me back. I remember getting snapped out of that feeling when I heard my husband telling the doctors to bring my premature newborn to my side before taking me off to surgery to stop the bleeding.
Probable NDE and NDE, both due to blood loss after deliveries.

4269. Mary B Probable NDE 1/1/2017. Probable NDE 8178. The next thing I recall is that I was very dizzy and weak and apparently had left my physical body. As I left my body, I awoke and was staggering and crawling to my car in the parking lot. I had to leave. I was telling God and myself that I still had a purpose on this earth. I was saying that I was not ready to die yet because my children needed their mother
Probable NDE due to episode of hypotension during plasma donation.

4268. William H Possible NDE 1/1/2017. Possible NDE 23177. Suddenly I was floating above and looking down on someone being held down on a stretcher. I had no pain whatsoever. Then, I noticed a fixture on the wall that was an oxygen outlet. I then realized that this was me down there.
Possible NDE with an OBE.

4267. Paul B ADC 1/1/2017. ADC 8176NDE. From Chile. I saw dad sitting on a hospital bed. It wasn't the room where I had seen my dad last time I saw him. His sight was peaceful, brilliant and happy; the way my aunt had described him when she left the hospital last afternoon. I don’t remember saying any words. We looked at each other with so much love.
ADC with father around time of death. Evidential OBE observations.