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4321. Bene P NDE 3/29/2017. NDE 8254. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I saw a soft light in a the place resembling a cave. I'm wondering now if I might have been in a tunnel. I didn't feel pain, heat, or cold. But I was aware of my environment.
NDE from gas poisoning.

4320. MD FDE 3/23/2017. FDE 8253. I was me but wasn't in my body. I could see and feel all of the experiences of my life thus far. I also felt an indescribable feeling of pure and overwhelming love from people in my life who were alive and who had passed such as my Grandmother. All of the past experiences that I was shown, anyone who was involved in those experiences I could also feel how they felt at the time. But the most important thing I felt was love.
Fear death experience from near car collision.

4319. Dawn P FDE 3/19/2017. FDE 8248. It was an icy night. My boyfriend at the time, was sitting next to me as I drove down the steep hill. I lost control of my car as it was sliding fast and heading straight into an oncoming pick-up truck. I knew if I didn't hit the truck, I'd go over the guardrail and crash down a steep hill on the other side of the street. My thinking became slow and calm as I calculated it all. I said in my mind, 'I don't want to die!'
Several interesting experiences including prayer experience, fear-death experience, and others.

4318. Susanne S NDE 3/19/2017. NDE 8251. I felt no pain, at peace, and my body was full of love. The light filled me with answers that I was thinking and feeling. The communication between myself and the Beings was instant, complete, and without any confusion. The outer appearance was shown but quickly the inner beauty is seen and impresses much more so it became the focus at times. We arrived to a place that appeared much like here. We were met with others who looked official in knowledge. They wore same eyes of cloaks. They could not answer as to why I kept requesting to return. Others arrived and also wore similar cloaks but different colors.
NDE due to accidental strangling and hanging at age 12.

4317. Karen T NDE 3/19/2017. NDE 8250. Exceptional Archive. My guide took me inside where it opened into an enormous library full of tables and lined with books. Many spirits were studying different books and my guide communicated that this hall held the Book of Life described in the Bible. We continued to a back room where some spiritual Beings were sitting in chairs that circled around a screen in the floor that was like a glass bottomed boat. They communicated that I was to watch my life and then scenes like a 3D hologram appeared. I was able to re-experience myself in all these events in my life, but just as importantly, I was able to experience the impact of my actions and words on those other people with whom I had interacted. Not one of the spirits condemned me for those painful things I had done or not done, but I felt so very sorry and sad about them within my own heart. It all seemed to happen very quickly, but had a tremendous impact on me. I got the impression that these spirit beings had been with me and had helped me plan my life before I was born. They let me know that I would be able to return to my life, if I chose to do so. Then they showed me through the same screen some future events in my life if I chose to return to it. Some events would definitely occur and some events were possible but not definite.
NDE due to bleeding out during surgery.

4316. Dana M NDE 3/19/2017. NDE 8249. I walked along the beach with this person. Another person joined us. These were not beings of light. They seemed to be regular Beings although they were not solid and defined. We did not talk aloud, but I could hear them in my head and I talked to them with my mind. They told me how glad they were to see me and told me that this place would always be special to me. I felt so loved for the first time in my life, and wanted desperately to stay with them. They told me I had to leave for now, but could come back 'later.' I felt very sad about having to leave.
NDE due to apparent unconsciousness due to febrile illness at age 7. Shared 59 years later.

4315. Sharon M Probable NDE 3/14/2017. Probable NDE 8247. I saw an old fieldstone wall with pink roses growing up and over the wall which stood halfway between the garden and the golden city. As I stood there next to the magnificent golden wall, a tiny brown and white beagle puppy wiggled at my feet demanding my attention. As I leaned down to pet him, he barked and wiggled all over with such joy while allowing me to rub his soft little puppy belly. As I continued to rub his tummy and play with him, I looked up and saw hundreds of people pouring out of the beautiful garden and begin walking through the tall grass and wildflowers of the meadow. Each person that I saw had an angel walking with them. The angels were taller, dressed in light blue and white colored robes and they were much more illuminated than the people. The people walking with their angels were laughing and talking among themselves happily.
Probable NDE during surgery.

4314. Casey W Possible NDE 3/11/2017. Possible NDE 8228. I realized that I was floating down a long white corridor like a tunnel. I was moving towards the most beautiful white light that I had ever seen. It was so beautiful that our words cannot describe it. I was experiencing complete peace and tranquility with no fear or worry. Then I realized I had no body. In fact, my consciousness was floating slowly towards the beautiful light and I was ready to go.
Possible NDE. Admitted to hospital, but the suicide attempt happened the night before. No clear imminent life-threatening event at time of experience.

4313. Alette SDE 3/10/2017. SDE 8244. From South Africa. So I touched her arm. I don't know what I expected; maybe to hear her say, 'my child I am fine' or something like that. All I know is that I was blown away by what I experienced. I saw the gentlest, deepest, richest light. It was white and silver but predominantly gold. The feeling of utter PEACE was so beautiful. There just aren't any words in this world to describe it.
Daughter’s shared death experience with her dying mother.

4312. Francisco D NDEs 3/6/2017. NDEs 8241. From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. This time there were many more beings of light in the room. They talked to me with familiarity, as if they had known me all of my life. I had no idea who they were. One of them said 'You should stay with us and stop suffering so', but another replied 'He has much to live through and he is going to be so happy.' Then they became two balls of light, and everyone present maintained a respectful silence, as you would before a respected figure of authority. Meanwhile, I was carried once more through a narrow tunnel at great speed to my body.
Childhood NDE from Asthma attack. Also ADC.

4311. Marty D NDE 3/6/2017. NDE 8243. From the United Kingdom I was aware of a great feeling of peace and tranquility. I sat on a grass hill overlooking a shallow stream and down to my right there was an old stone bridge where the track ran away into woods. There was several children there. They appeared to be dressed in Victorian clothing. The girls and boys were playing around the bridge. I was just looking at them and thinking how peaceful it was. Then I suddenly had this thought 'What was I doing here?' I knew I was supposed to be in school.
NDE due to being strangled at age 12.

4310. Gerry L Probable NDE 3/6/2017. Probable NDE 8242. My sisters were there. My mother was there and she was very young and beautiful and I realized how I had only always seen her as a 'mother' and not an individual person who had a life other than being my mother. There were friends from all stages of my life and they were all the same age (around twenty years old or so) and everyone looked healthy and beautiful… I had a speed of light realization of being a sort of cell or bubble in a sea of cells or bubbles that were all individual self-worlds joined to each other that were individual yet all One and all part of an ocean-like Being that was the Source of All Existence.
Probable NDE due to narcotic overdose and being beaten.

4309. Stuart C NDE 3/4/2017. NDE 8240. . . . seeing all the blades of grass, the dirt/soil and the small bushes as clearly as if I were within inches of them. I had perfect vision and in such clear clarity, it was amazing. Within a couple of minutes, I found myself in a pitch dark area that felt like a large room, I wasn't moving but I could see a pin prick of light that was getting closer. Soon I realized that I was in a tunnel and that the light was moving towards me. I wasn't scared of the light as it was peaceful andor calming. I did sense other people but didn't feel a need or want to speak or let them know I was there.
NDE due to car crash.

4308. Richard B Probable NDE 3/4/2017. Probable NDE 8237. A quarter of a mile ahead of me was a small river, and a stone bridge over it. I knew I'd be crossing over the river soon. I watched the landscape passing me. I was about parallel to the village when I heard an emotionless human voice say, 'Would you like to go back to your life on Earth?' I had no idea what that meant, and I was silent. The voice said the same thing again, and I knew that I could stay in this land or I could return back to my life as it had been. For the third time, the voice said the same thing. I realized that I had not said good-bye to my wife, and I wanted to go back to her. I said, 'Yes!'
Probable NDE due to aircraft crash with head injury.

4307. Ruei H NDEs 2/27/2017. NDEs 8208. From Taiwan. Original in Traditional Chinese, translated to English by Jenny. Suddenly, I fell into a long dark tunnel that was shaped like a cylinder. The tunnel kept changing from big, to small, then big again. It was elastic. The darkness had not been seen on Earth. It was very dark, but yet, it was a bright dark. It might have been illuminated from the light afar. I noticed myself as a ball. I had no body form, but was just a 'dot.' I eagerly wanted to pass this dark tunnel, because I felt bewildered. Intuitively, I knew that once I arrived in the light I would have all the answers.
Two NDEs from an experiencer who was atheist at the time.

4306. Christine L Probable NDE 2/26/2017. Probable NDE 8233. From the United Kingdom The man had a strong Scottish accent and the woman is someone I did not recognise, voice wise. My granddad said very angrily, 'No she cannot come here. What are we supposed to tell her?' then, 'What the hell am I supposed to say?' He was angry with the lady and the lady was interrupting him saying, 'Why not, why not?' Suddenly, I was literally thrown up from the ground onto my feet, when my leg immediately slumped and I collapsed into sort of a sideways sitting position.
Probable NDE due to allergic reaction.

4305. Angela G NDE 2/26/2017. NDE 8232. From Canada I was in the presence of a beautiful woman. I felt happy to be with her. We were moving forward. The sky was a solid blue and the trees were green. I couldn't see the trunks of the trees. We were moving toward the sun, which was a beautiful, bright, and warm light.
NDE due to apparent faint.

4304. Katie V NDE 2/25/2017. NDE 8231. I felt the sensation of timelessness. I was pain free, the entire reason for my surgery in the first place. I was alone, but I was not scared. I felt calm, comforted, I was not in pain, I was not alone and I was not scared. I knew that I was leaving my husband and my two young children behind, but I kept pressing onward. I was at peace. I was not afraid. I was surrounded by darkness, but I wasn't afraid. I did not see anyone that had died before me, but I did feel a presence that made me feel that I was not alone.
NDE due to complication of surgery with internal bleeding.

4303. Myrian Probable NDE 2/21/2017. Probable NDE 8227. From Brazil. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Alexandra. I remember seeing the hospital from above. Soon after, I was floating on my uncle's farm. My vision was 360 degrees. I remember being ashamed because I was naked, but in spirit and without a body. I saw a pile of shingles piled up at one end of the road. I remember running through a wonderfully beautiful garden and soft grass like cotton.
Probable NDE from pneumonia at 3 years old.

4302. Steward P NDE 2/18/2017. NDE 8230. In the time it took to blink, I was on another plane of existence. It was a plane of pure and energized milky-white light. I had a feeling of love and contentment while embraced by this milky-white light environment which was supporting my floating body. But me being analytical, I could not see my body. I felt no pain. I wanted to close my eyes and relax in this most beautiful state of perfection.
NDE due to anaphylactic allergic reaction.

4301. Dr. Simmi M STE 2/18/2017. STE 8229. From India. The same year on 27 July, suddenly in the middle of night my room got filled with something foggy and colorful at the same time. I saw Chinese Goddess Kwanyin. My son who was suffering with very high fever suddenly improved. Even he witnessed Kwanyin and he still remembers this experience quite vividly. Later, I started seeing some vibrant rainbow-colored geometrical shapes. This I came to know only last year in September that all these years I had been perceiving Flower of Life.
Exceptional STE over time with profound spiritual insights.

4300. Jeffery C STE 2/18/2017. STE 8226. However, as I got closer to the Light, despite the fact I wanted to go all the way. I suddenly felt like I was not worthy to enter it. I came to a sudden stop with my eyes fixated upon the Light. I never saw a Being, just a Light. At this point, a thundering voice spoke to me. It was not in the English language as we know it, but I was spoken to in a form of mind transference. The Voice made me aware that He had been watching me, was not pleased with my Life, and warned me to get my Life in order because He had a plan, a purpose for me to fulfill. And that was it, as far as the Voice speaking to me. I remember feeling the Love that was emanating from the Light. I felt great awe, but no fear and guilt.
Probable drug experience with NDE-like mystical experience.

4299. Debra H NDE 2/17/2017. NDE 8225. As I'm traveling through the tunnel, I became aware of a tiny bright spot ahead in the distance and slightly above me. The light got bigger and bigger, and I felt myself getting warmer and warmer. At some point, I became aware of an intense feeling of being loved. It was a feeling I had never, ever felt before. I was loved, adored, and cherished. As I continue down the tunnel, I feel like I am part of this love myself, like it is me and I am it. Then I was told or I had the very clear thought, "And it is ALWAYS there, it is ALWAYS there."
NDE due to suicide attempt.

4298. Jeff B Probable NDE 2/11/2017. Probable NDE 8221. There was light, no source of light, a light shade of gray, the atmosphere was clear, not cloudy. I noticed no borders nor partitions. I did not feel weightless nor did I feel the pull of gravity. I could see no other shapes or forms yet I did not feel alone. I felt neither great joy nor great sadness. I did feel great peace, the kind of peace God talks about in the Bible. Also the kind of peace the Hindu and Buddhists refer to in reference to Nibbana. The only way to reach this state is to remove all thought from your brain. When you get to this point, you look at everything in a different light… I remember light gray with no defined source of light. There was no forms or beings, not even shadows present. I did sense a type of indescribable energy that put me at great peace and made look at everything in a new light, even after I came back… The energy I felt, the peace, the knowledge--it is proof enough for me.
Probable NDE due to apparent complications around the time of surgery.

4297. Marie DB NDE 2/11/2017. NDE 8219. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I entered this light. Then I became the light of a sparkling brightness. I saw the light, but I also was the light. I was a kind of energy filled with LOVE, PROTECTION AND KNOWLEDGE. It's a strong sensation that stays with me even now. It is an overwhelming feeling when I try to speak about. I felt that there was a very hierarchical crowd that was surrounding me. They were sending me an INFINITE LOVE, AN IMMENSE PROTECTION AND THEIR KNOWLEDGE. The LOVE was so powerful, that I never felt it like that before in my life, even though I am a passionate person.
NDE from Accident.

4296. Gary R Probable NDE 2/10/2017. Probable NDE 8217. Then I feel the presence in front who was connecting with me. The connection felt like hands of Love; soothing me and whispering wonderfulnesses that calm me and let me relax in his Love-hands. I had the sense that, somehow he/it knew that I wanted to go with them. Then I heard him gently making things better as he was saying that I was doing fine and he knew what I wanted, but that it just wasn’t quite time.
Probable NDE from retired psychologist due to drowning at age 14 months. Shared 71 years later.

4295. Kustav K NDE 2/9/2017. NDE 8216. From Estonia. Below the tree, I heard a meow. I looked down, and saw Elmar! Elmar was a white Persian cat. I could not believe it. He was watching me. His beautiful green eyes and long, luscious white fur. Suddenly, I realized I had hands. I was surprised by this. I picked up Elmar. While I held him, he purred. No longer did I feel cold. His fur completely warmed me up and I felt the energy of his love. It was just like old times. I began to cry in feeling of happiness.
NDE due to being shot in the head. Dramatic reunion with deceased beloved pet cat.

4294. Katherine L NDE 2/6/2017. NDE 8213. Exceptional Archive. After the life review, I was taken before more beings which seemed to be wiser than the two who brought me to my life review. I communicated with them about my decisions during my life review and areas where I could improve. While it was a collaborative process, I had deep respect and reverence for these beings. I felt that they loved me completely and without any judgment. In psychology there's a term to describe this called 'unconditional positive regard.' I felt completely sure that they had this feeling for me. This surety felt like a warm glow of light around me. The conclusion of these conversations was that it wasn't so much a decision of doing the 'wrong' thing in situations, or making unwise choices, but that the times of greatest challenge for me were times in which I could have acted but chose inaction. It was concluded that when I returned to earth, I must choose action and use my experiences and feelings to guide these actions so that they be an act of love.
Exceptional NDE due to blood loss during laparoscopic surgery.

4293. Mark B NDE 2/5/2017. Mark B NDE 8211. I remember standing flat-footed on the bottom of the lake. I was just standing there, not panicking but just peaceful. I remember looking all around me in awe. It was so beautiful. The plants were swaying with the current and fish were swimming by me. From a distance, I could see a bright light. It was getting closer and closer.
NDE at age 10 due to drowning.

4292. Amy Probable NDE 2/5/2017. Probable NDE 23195. From the United Kingdom I remember it so clearly. I could see about ten people standing around me trying to get me to respond. I remember freaking out thinking, 'How do I get back to my body? I can't die. I have to get back to my body. I must get back to my body'. Floating above myself, I didn't have a body. I was looking at my body as if I were watching a movie. I felt a strange warmthness behind me when I was floating above my body.
Probable NDE vs possible drug experience after ingesting drugs at age 16.

4291. Raina R NDE 1/31/2017. NDE 8207. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I found myself above my body. I was floating in the air. The sensation was so pleasant. I felt good and had no pain. I could see a group of people from my height. There were two women and one or two men, who were desperately doing massage on me. I saw the device connected to my heart with the flat red line and the ringing of the alarm.
NDE from cardiac arrest after surgery.

4290. Ginette M Probable NDE 1/31/2017. Probable NDE 8206. From France In the afternoon, suddenly my body levitated out of bed and went painfully through a narrow channel on the top left corner of grandmother's bedroom. I reached a place where words escape me to describe. There was strong light, like if I were bathing in sun rays and a physical well being. If you pardon my example, like an orgasmic feeling of every cell in my body.
Probable NDE due to flu with fever at age 7. Shared 78 years later.

4289. Denise L NDE 1/29/2017. NDE 8205. I remember not being able to breathe and for a split second I was terrified. Then I felt peace that was not particularly pleasant nor unpleasant emotion. I rose above my body and watched it tumble around in the water. I wasn't afraid or struggling because I wasn't in my body at all.
NDE due to drowning at age 14.

4288. Heather V NDE 1/29/2017. NDE 23192. Exceptional Archive. Then I began getting an information download. There was no talking, just information going into me with absolute love. It was very clear, very loud, and very certain, that We are ALL VERY IMPORTANT TO GOD. We are all deeply, deeply loved by God and that Life is suppose to be hard but that it is some sort of proving Ground for God to create him. The message was that our lives are deeply important to God and to the existance of the universe. Our Love we have and the love we cultivate on earth, especially for people we have a hard time liking, that love somehow expands the universe and does some very important things.
Exceptional NDE due to cardiac arrest prior to beginning surgery.

4287. Diane W Probable NDE 1/29/2017. NDE 8201. I rose slowly, as if I was on an escalator. I did not see myself, nor did I see or worry about those on earth. As I slowly rose, I saw my grandparents. The men were on the left and the women were on the right. I recognized them right away, although I only saw one grandfather in my earthly life. My grandfather H was wearing a black suit and white shirt that was loose around the neck with no tie. He was holding his black hat, that I have seen pictures of. My grandmother H was wearing a very lacy, layered dress. Her hair was pulled back and pinned in two places away from her face. My other grandparents had on less dressy clothing because they were farmers.
Probable NDE at time of open heart surgery.

4286. A NDE 1/28/2017. NDE 8204. What I remember was that I was looking at a glowing figure. At first, I thought it was me. I remembering thinking, 'How is my wife? If she passes, there is no need for me to stay.' I heard, 'Honey, she is going to be alright let them take care of you'. Since I was reassured that she was going to be ok, I was happy. I believe the voice was my wife's mother who spoke to me.
NDE due to motorcycle accident.

4285. Gerardo NDE 1/28/2017. NDE 8202. From Australia. Original in Italian, translated to English by Andrea I found myself in a place of light and brightness. I was submerged in white light. I was seeing myself from different angles. When I arrived to that place, I found myself with hands open down along the legs. I was amazed at that time by the place I was in. There was a stair with walls lit by white light. I felt the stairway was narrow and I immediately refused to climb it up.
NDE due to suicide attempt by hanging.

4284. Wilson FDE 1/22/2017. FDE 8200. Exceptional Archive. At no stage did I see anything whatever that resembled what we humans would think of as an afterlife or spirit world or life after death realm. It’s as if we are either on the outer surface of the wheel itself, in one of its realized worlds, or else we are dead and we are the wheel itself. The wheel is a space where all uncreated possibility exists, but nothing completed or actual. And bear in mind that nothing was concealed from me. I was the ALL, and knew the ALL. I certainly don’t retain it or pretend do, but I knew it then.
Remarkable fear-death experience with awareness of multiple possible realities associated with apparent imminent fatal car crash.

4283. John L NDE 1/22/2017. NDE & FDE 8199. It felt as if I landed in the universe's most perfect terrarium. It was like being inside a globe, but also somehow endless. It was magnificently green; the trees and grass a shade of green that I've never seen replicated. It was just such a vivid color, like everything coming into focus after putting on eyeglasses following many years of going without. There were streams. I remember sitting by a stream. All the sounds within this land were perfectly nuanced. The stream trickled in a way that ideal-sounding to the ear.
Fear-death experience prior to accident and an NDE due to head injury with subdural hematoma at age 17.

4282. Romy NDE 1/22/2017. NDE 8198. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. Graphic violence, not suitable for children. I knelt down in front of the man in the back of the church. He was holding a crown made of laurel sitting on a violet cushion with a golden rim around it. There was also a white dove. He asked me if I wanted to go back to my body. He said that I had a mission to accomplish and that I would know in time about it. I answered, 'Yes.' He then put the crown on my head. I looked up and saw a sentence engraved above the door of the chapel near the stairs: “Lux veritas, Lux omniscium, Lux Dei” (Truth, Enlightenment, God).
NDE from criminal attack.

4281. Jeannine H NDE 1/22/2017. NDE 8197. From Australia. I rose up out of my body watching doctors and nurses working on me. I even saw a policeman enter from behind the curtain and speak to the doctor. He had his motorbike helmet under his arm. He was rung by the hospital to contact my mother because they thought that I could die.
NDE at age 5 due to bleeding shortly after tonsillectomy. Shared 54 years later.

4280. William C NDE 1/19/2017. NDE 8195. Exceptional Archive. Then I looked in front of me and saw my deceased grandmother. She was standing just in front of the 'White Light.' The light radiated warmth, light, love and anything I needed to know. I also noticed other figures off to the left of me. They seemed peaceful in pairs holding each other and swaying with the music. My grandmother delivered the choice to me. I could stay with her or go back to my life. She told me that if I stayed, everything would be o.k. She said that if I went back to my body, it would be the most challenging experience I would ever endure.
NDE due to complication of feeding tube following car accident at age 17.

4279. Jim B Probable NDE 1/15/2017. Probable NDE 8193. There seemed to be an all-encompassing yellow light. I was floating. I felt a peaceful, serene feeling like everything was good.
Probable NDE due to cardiac arrest.

4278. Ember C Probable NDE 1/13/2017. Probable NDE 8192. I could see a field with an uncountable number of flowers and low, rolling hills. The field stretched further than I could see in every direction, except towards the sunset. There was a clear creek, like the ones I grew up near. The creek was winding its way towards the setting sun with the light reflecting off of it. The colors of the sky were scattered across the creek like billions of tiny gemstones. I walked to the creek and tried to run my fingers through it. But I couldn't feel anything.
Probable NDE at age 16 due to suicide attempt.

4277. Joseph S NDE 1/13/2017. NDE 8190. I don't know what those entities are or were. They didn't seem to be anyone that I had met before, like deceased relatives. But I felt very safe with them even though I didn't feel that I was one of them. They felt separate from me but not in a Earthly, judgmental kind of way because there was no judgement. If this was Heaven, it wasn't the Heaven I was taught about in Bible school. There were no streets paved in gold or winged creatures flying around. There was only love and wisdom. And I had a feeling that it was for everyone, not just 'believers'.
NDE due to seizure caused by psilocybin mushrooms. Remarkable contrast between altered consciousness due to psilocybin and consciousness during NDE.

4276. Maureen H NDE 1/10/2017. NDE 8188. Suddenly, it felt like I was being lifted straight up and super-fast by my elbows. The sound was like a loud, deafening wind that sounded like a train engine. I found myself standing on the bridge in front of an elderly couple. They were very well-dressed in black and I felt like they were on their way to church.
NDE due to bicycle accident at age 8 or 9. Shared about 51 years later.

4275. Bohdan Probable NDE 1/10/2017. Probable NDE 8187. From the Ukraine. Suddenly, I saw a bluish-greenish light. Then I was in a place with very little snow on the ground. To my surprise, I was skiing. As I focused on the bluish-greenish light, I realized that I was in a cave. I was able to see all these stones in the cave and there were little cracks in the stones had the same bluish-greenish light.
Probable NDE with very atypical content.

4274. Terry C Probable NDE 1/6/2017. Probable NDE 8183. All of a sudden, I found myself in the greatest peace and without anxiety in my recalled experience. I felt comfortable and neither hot nor cold, despite the river being icy cold. I saw black but felt like I was in an immense space. I know that with the bright sunshine and crystal clear water, that sunlight would have been getting through my eyelids such that I should not have seen pure dark. The thought in my mind was that I was going to relax into this 'warm darkness'.
Probable NDE due to drowning. Remarkable deathbed vision of her young dying husband that involved their children (ages 4 and 7).

4273. Curtis S NDE 1/5/2017. NDE 8182. I was then slowly floating upwards into the sky and looking down at all the children running back to the house to get help. I could see all the houses on the street and even saw the family car parked in front. I don't remember seeing anyone leaving the house but I do remember looking up into the sky. I felt at peace and had no feelings of fear at all.
NDE due to drowning at age 7.

4272. Ilxa L NDE 1/3/2017. NDE 23179. Throughout this all, I remember seeing what had happened. It replayed in my head like it was a movie, except I wasn't myself. I was someone else and was watching myself help my brother with his head. I rushed out of the bathroom to call my mom for help. I remember seeing myself call my mother, but from downstairs in the kitchen. I saw everything but it seemed like I was seeing from someone else's perspective.
NDE due to faint at unspecified age but apparently in childhood.

4271. Eric M NDE 1/3/2017. NDE 8177. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I had a feeling of plenitude where I didn't sense anything anymore. I was neither cold nor warm. I felt peaceful and quiet. Then I saw a long, black tunnel with a luminous point at the very end. The light was growing bit by bit, while I advanced in this tunnel. The light turned into an intense light, radiating but not blinding. I felt good. Nothing happens. The light is beautiful, good, and soft.
NDE from drowning when he fell off small boat.

4270. Kathleen M Probable NDE and NDE 1/1/2017. Probable NDE and NDE 8179. I can remember being out of body. I was looking down like I was an observer to someone else's trauma. Nothing they did could bring me back. I remember getting snapped out of that feeling when I heard my husband telling the doctors to bring my premature newborn to my side before taking me off to surgery to stop the bleeding.
Probable NDE and NDE, both due to blood loss after deliveries.

4269. Mary B Probable NDE 1/1/2017. Probable NDE 8178. The next thing I recall is that I was very dizzy and weak and apparently had left my physical body. As I left my body, I awoke and was staggering and crawling to my car in the parking lot. I had to leave. I was telling God and myself that I still had a purpose on this earth. I was saying that I was not ready to die yet because my children needed their mother
Probable NDE due to episode of hypotension during plasma donation.

4268. William H Possible NDE 1/1/2017. Possible NDE 23177. Suddenly I was floating above and looking down on someone being held down on a stretcher. I had no pain whatsoever. Then, I noticed a fixture on the wall that was an oxygen outlet. I then realized that this was me down there.

Possible NDE with an OBE.

4267. Paul B ADC 1/1/2017. ADC 8176NDE. From Chile. I saw dad sitting on a hospital bed. It wasn't the room where I had seen my dad last time I saw him. His sight was peaceful, brilliant and happy; the way my aunt had described him when she left the hospital last afternoon. I don’t remember saying any words. We looked at each other with so much love.
ADC with father around time of death. Evidential OBE observations.