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NDERF is such a large website, so at first glance you may want either share your NDE or read about NDEs.

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We have a great bulletin board with lots of discussion about NDE and related material. We also have a MegaCommunity.

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A good place to quickly find anything you need is through the index page. You will see all the archives, research, and over 2000 NDE stories.

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MEDIA HAVEN:  We now have a list of NDErs according to Country/State/City with a brief commentary and a link to their experience.  This will make it easier for finding those NDErs you want to interview or are interested in corresponding with.  NDErs:  We are getting a tremendous surge in media requests.  Many are looking to interview NDErs close to where the reporter is located or the project is being filmed.  You can go to Media Haven to look for your story by clicking this link.  For those NDErs who wish to update their information so they can be included in this list, please let me know - Jody:
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Current NDEs

Fausto M NDE English expanded version 5/1/12 From Mexico.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon.  As I had my eyes shut, my idea was to give them a fright, pretending to be dead, then slowly open my eyes to see who was there. I looked to the right, what a surprise I had: it was a being completely covered in a white sheet, and I asked myself, "Who or what is this being?" then slowly turning to the left I saw another similar being to the first, and I wondered again, "Who or what are these beings, what kind of strange prank is this?" I HAD NO FEAR, WAS CALM, NOT DESPERATE, THINKING ABOUT WHAT I COULD SEE, when I felt other hands taking hold of my legs, so slowly, very slowly I bent or inclined my head a bit forwards, to look down, my eyes half-open, and saw a third being, the same as the other two, who were holding my body up (armpits, stomach and back). This third being moved my entangled foot, freeing it, while the other two started to move upwards and get me out of the water, at which point I felt the pressure of the hand on my stomach, and that on my back, making me regurgitate the water I had swallowed. They kept on lifting me and left me on the bank of the pond taking in air, right near to my friends, who were really worried. While they were telling me off for my behaviour, seeing them so anxious and alarmed that I could not reply, I did my best to signal them to calm down, then asked them if they had not seen the beings who rescued me? When they all answered that they had seen nothing, I asked them to leave me to recover, after which I got dressed and we went back home without further discussion.
NDE from drowning.

Evan D NDE 2683OBE English expanded version 5/1/12 From Australia.  I then was out of my body floating above the car looking down at myself slumped forward in the drivers seat, I was bleeding heavily from cuts on my head and for a few moments was transfixed watching myself bleed to death. I felt the greatest peace I have ever known and fell nothing but goodness flowing around me.  Although it was pitch black and raining I could see clearly because there was a bright light behind me (I was 25 km from the nearest light source, I was on a country road).  Then my whole life flashed before me on fast forward. I saw myself being born then it would pause a little at every major event that had happened to me. It seemed to take only a second or two from start to finish.  Then a voice said to me "Do you want to live or die" By the tone of the voice it was saying to make up my mind quickly or else I wouldn't have a choice. I thought about how sad my family would be if I died so I said "Live" and I was instantly back in my body.
NDE due to auto accident.

Billie S NDE English expanded version 5/1/12 From Canada.  Mommy I was in that place - she had done a drawing -- totally colored black except for floating figures near the top of the page, there was a small building shaped object in the left upper corner.  She said she was trying to get home and there were agents around her.  She was still in the hospital at the time following the unsuccessful surgery.  The medical team were keeping her there in case of any other problems.  I read the medical report after her doctor was called out of there room, all didn't make  too much sense.  The report stated that she had turned blue and had to be resuscitated.  That she was under great stress and the operation was halted.  She never did get the ear tubes inserted into both ears just one.  I am her mom aged 69 years .  I was so alarmed at her repeating that the angels had come to get her that I signed her out of the hospital myself.  The hospital told me that it was against all polices and that if I took her home I was on my own. NDE as a very young child as told by her mother.

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Disclaimer: NDERF has posted suicide NDEs on the website as part of the research project ONLY.  NDERF DOES NOT ENDORSE, ENCOURAGE OR ADVOCATE FOR SUICIDE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM! 

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