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MEDIA HAVEN:  We now have a list of NDErs according to Country/State/City with a brief commentary and a link to their experience.  This will make it easier for finding those NDErs you want to interview or are interested in corresponding with.  NDErs:  We are getting a tremendous surge in media requests.  Many are looking to interview NDErs close to where the reporter is located or the project is being filmed.  You can go to Media Haven to look for your story by clicking this link.  For those NDErs who wish to update their information so they can be included in this list, please let me know - Jody:
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Current NDEs

Gloria M Possible NDE 6353. 8/24/12   From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. Everything happened quickly, I lost consciousness and then I felt and saw myself going through a tunnel at great speed, stopping at the end of it. There was a space or city, a big lake preventing me going further.  I was very scared, terrified, I could see no one, and I wanted to go home to my parents and my house.
Possible frightening NDE for a child.

Connie N Probable NDE. 8/22/12  Felt the presence of a loved one, maternal grandfather who had passed years earlier.  He spoke only French when he was alive and I only English yet I fully understood communication with him.  He asked me to follow him into the tunnel. Once entering the tunnel we seem to float along at a very fast speed. At the end of the tunnel appeared a light.  We went towards the light. When I arrived in the light there were others present who I immediately recognized yet could not tell you who they were.  They appeared to me as a bright light. They welcome me and pulled me into the larger white light which I immediately knew as GOD or the SOURCE of all that is. The large light, the other lights and I became one. Complete and total feeling of love and happiness enveloped me. Hard to describe how wonderful it was.
Probable NDE associated with anesthesia for delivery.

Mira G NDE. 8/22/12   From Poland.  This time, I could see the individual wheat plants in detail and at a distance of three feet. I could not believe that such wonderful colors could be found in a wheat plant and to have that golden yellow reflect the sun was just beautiful to see. I was above the shack and I looked at the wheat field all golden in the sun. One could see for kilometers and all there was blue sky of a summer day. At a distance I saw the blue cloudless sky with birds flying around and chasing each other, I was  jealous that the birds could stay home in Poland and enjoy flying around in the sunshine. I saw some trees that must have the border of the property. The trees were tall and they were full of dark green leaves. Each of them formed a kind of leafy egg shaped green on top of a stem and some were closer to each other, but I noticed the one tree that was away from the others in particular. It was a mature tree, with large green leaves.
NDE due to complication of general anesthesia. 

Mike R NDE. 8/22/12 
I woke up again to  doctors and nurses asking me all these questions and not know what to say. They said I stopped breathing and all so I was freaking out then I went out again this time it was like my kids were there and they where playing in the park and I was watching off in the distance like I was really not there. I stopped breathing twice that day…
NDE due to auto accident.

Michele M NDE. 8/22/12  Looked to my right, no cars, proceeded to the curb, where I felt a hit to my hip. I think I opened my eyes, and there I saw a Yellow hourglass figure that came around me, and I closed my eyes.  When I opened them again, I saw nothing but clouds and the bluest of blue skies, I asked (maybe telepathically)...."am I in Heaven"....I didn't see anyone....I don't now how soon after I said that, that I heard "Michele" But I didn't know what a "Michele" was...I couldn't rationalize nor did I try, I was in such a peaceful state of mind.....then after that, I heard screaming, and I thought (telepathically) "who is that screaming" and then I opened my eyes, and I was back in my body surrounded by traffic that authorities had stopped, and my foster mother (current deceased) asking me ""what happened".
NDE at age 16 due to being struck by a car.

John K NDE. 8/22/12  Then I started to rise, above my body and my wife, flowing upwards. No tunnel, just rising very high. I looked back and I could see my body and my wife far below. However, I was in no fear of falling, just peace, being lifted very gently higher and higher. (Please note: Out of Body experiences and death are two different things. I had had many Out of Body experiences and death was much different, much more freeing - ecstatic!).  Then I seemed to jump, in some way, above all Creation in the Prescience of God. The Light was so bright and infusing that I thought that it was power. Then I realized that it was Love. There was no judgment of any kind, only unbelievable Love. I looked at my body for imperfections, but I was perfect. I had 360° vision and could see forever... All of Creation. All of the Universes, all of Life. Then I realized that all Creation is full of life and that Love is behind it all. I never wanted to leave there, ever… MD Anderson said that I am the only one in the world to have survived the terminal stage of the cancer.
NDE and remarkable healing from malignancy (leukemia).

Kathy S NDE. 8/22/12  Then I realized I couldn't feel my arms or my legs or any of my body, just this horrible chest pressure and struggling to breathe. Then all of a sudden, I felt a ""Whoosh"" and suddenly everything was perfectly clear. My mind felt sharp and alive and I felt wonderful. Then I realized I wasn't breathing, and I didn't need to breathe. I had no body. For some reason I felt like I was floating above the bookcase in my room, but I couldn't see anything. It was all dark. I felt wonderful, sharp, alive, completely at peace. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that everything was just fine, everything was exactly how it was meant to be. It was an incredibly peaceful and yet energizing feeling. I was still completely me, although I had no body. Then I realized that I had no body, and I felt like "No, I am not leaving my daughter." I have 3 kids but for some reason it was really important that I not leave the 2 year old. I thought I started to see a little light in the distance, and it is hard to describe how I felt, but it was almost like I felt stubborn, like "I will not go into that light. I am not leaving. I am not ready." Then it was like SLAM, I was suddenly back in my body and I could hear the medics saying, "It is OK, we are putting in the tube," and I realized I was incubated.
NDE due to respiratory arrest due to asthma.

Annette NDE. 8/22/12  From Scotland.  When I looked I saw a man standing dressed in unusual clothes - non western.  Like a robe but plain.  He had a small child at his side. He reached out his hand and called my name and gestured for me to come over but I would not go. … I needed my birth certificate and asked my mum if I could have it.  She told it was in a drawer up stairs and just to go and get it.  There were other certificates there.  I came across a birth certificate but the date of birth was wrong.  I thought she couldn't have got my birth date wrong.  Then I looked at the year of birth - it was 10 years before me.  So went downstairs to ask my mum.  She told me it was her first baby that only lived for 2 hours after the birth.  Then my mind went back to the day I was at the dentist - the man I thought was Jesus and I wondered the child beside him was that maybe my dead sister.
NDE at age 4-5 due to complication of dental anesthetic.  Encountered being believed to be Jesus and her sister who died two hours after she was born who she never knew that she had.

Grady NDE. 8/22/12 I kept telling them that I was still there. Not in a panic way but I new that if they quit then I was gone. I could hear the doctor cussing, the nurses were frantic and the anesthesiologist who I had never met name Steve M..were all going nuts they stuck with me. After a drug induced coma for 5 days, they woke me up, I asked my surgeon why he kept trying to keep me alive and he said he didn't know, that something kept urging him on. That's when I repeated to him some of things that were being said during that frantic hour that I witnessed above the table… The surgeon and the nurse verified some of the things that I told them I heard.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.  Remarkable later verification of events seen and heard while under anesthesia and in cardiac arrest.

Kiki Probable NDE. 8/22/12  Head injury due to no helmet/inexperience with bike/tree encounter: wound up in ditch feeling very peaceful ... that's what I remember, it was SOOO peaceful ... left eye socket was eventually reconstructed due to accident .,, head injury was passed over by ER personnel but I remember the NDE experience to this day ... it was a very peaceful one… I felt pulled toward what might be described as light, but didn't seem that clearly a light in my experience.
NDE due to head injury from bicycle accident.

Arvind B NDE. 8/22/12  From India.  At some distance, I could see some people standing in a circle, this time I could see whole of them. Those could be around 8-10 people.  And then I saw a huge light in the center of the hall, and I started drifting towards it. There was a huge light coming in from that hole (and a huge one). I am a fervent Hindu (religion) with blind faith in Super Power. To be more specific, I firmly believe in our Goddess - Mother Kaalika. I could feel (is it a right word, don't know) that she is there on the other side of that beam of bright light that was coming from outside the hall. I was happy to know that she is there outside. I bowed and tried to see her. And that was the last thing I remember from this out-of-world experience. Next I remember (don't know the time) is my doctor asking me how am I feeling now?
Hindu NDE from cardiac arrest.  Relatively rare non-Western NDE.

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